The day I learnt what the term Boss (lady) really means

Hey there,

How have you been? First off, Happy, happy International Women’s Day!!

I’ve been slipping a little behind with my blogging. I would love to blog every day, but there’s only one of me and so many hours in the day. Often I go to bed at 3 am…still with many things undone…

The struggle is real.

But I love the rush. It’s a vicious cycle. Telling yourself you need to go to bed early because you have to wake up early, then loving the night time hours and what you do so much that you don’t even feel tired.

Hungry maybe. But tired nope!

Anyho, today I did a site visit for a possible venue for my workshops with my new assistant helper. She’s one of the sweetest persons I know and giggles each time I call her that and swears she doesn’t mind. But I think I need to grow into the role of “Owner/Boss lady” even though it’s a very small/micro business.

I’ll tell you a little story. Do you have a minute?

When I was employed full time at my day job, I supervised staff for many years. I wouldn’t say I liked it, or that I was a good “supervisor” but I tried my best and that’s what counts. I often found myself having to separate friendship from work when I had to be firm and enforce the rules of the organization. And lemme tell ya, that often pissed off several people and I lost friends along the way.

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But the true ones and emotionally mature ones never took it to heart (for too long), because they knew my character was bigger than that small role and the hat that I wore within the confines of that office. And all these years later, some of us are still friends, even though distance and time separates us.

Now, in my own business, my friend who works as an independent contractor helps me out with some of the things she loves and I hate. She comes up with new ideas and perspectives and she’s like a breath of fresh air! (Did I mention the first day, she even brought me pastries? ohemgee…this girl’s a keeper.)

Now, before I get carried away and break out in song, let’s just say my budget is not very big, so that’s why I call her my (assistant) helper, rather than assistant – most of the time 🙂 And before I was even part of the workforce, she probably was already on to her first job, but she told me the first time she made a call for me, it felt really good to say she was my assistant. But, I was like…

“Really? I feel so weird and high and mighty!”

But she was like, “Girl, you need to think big, I can see your name in lights on a billboard one day!” I laughed out loud…literally.

She was riding shotgun, while I drove along Wrightson Road and I started to smile shyly as I envisioned the said billboard. Until I got to bumper to bumper traffic and reality hit me.

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My point through all of this is…Some days you may diminish your own worth because of what society deems as success, but many people already look up to you because you had the guts and tenacity to grab life by the horns and do what many people long to do their entire lives.

They look up to you because your innate talent, knowledge and passionate fire and enthusiasm has helped them transcend some problem, most times unbeknownst to you, because you are sharing from the heart.

They are inspired and truly excited to help you succeed, because you demonstrate to them that you really care and you want them to succeed and be all they could be as well.

Leadership is more than a fancy title and a fat pay cheque. It’s a soulful connection, understanding and empathy with another human being to bring about success for all parties involved.

(Remember I said it here first! 😀 I haven’t figured out how to do that tweetable thingy yet!)

IMG-20170307-WA0011 - CopyI may not be exactly where I personally want to be, but I’ve come a long way baby, in a relatively short space of time and I am exactly where I need to be at any given moment.

And so are you, so quit comparing yourself to someone else.

Once your heart is in the right place and you are sowing those seeds consistently, it’s only a matter of time before you grow into your rightful role and destiny.

You will also attract the right people and situations to support you along your journey, because of your genuine heart and passion for helping others.

So when my assistant/helper/friend told me that I inspired her and pulled her out of her depression all those months ago, just by being me….

And when my new friend from Kenya told me that his freelance business took off after only meeting me once – 6 months ago…

And when I made instant friends and valuable connections with customers that turned friends after only one or two meetings, I said to myself,

Heyyyy! Did I really do that? How did I get to this place so fast? Carolyn, thank God for your blessings, accept your new role and act the part God has for your life. It’s way too late to turn back now. Take your own advice and breathe! It can only get better with time.

Look within and ask yourself, who did I impact today just by being me?

You will be surprised by the answers that come forth.

You are worth so much more than you know!

Celebrating girls and women everywhere &

the men who love and support them!

Happy International Women’s Day & Week!

Peace & Love,

Carolyn x

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