Thank You for the lessons January

Hey all….Just like that we’ve arrived at the last day of January! Phew! Imagine that. How far are you with your goals? I’ve met some of mine, yet I am disappointed in myself because I did not accomplish others. You win some, you lose some right?!

The high point of January was the re-launch of my workshop – Charting Your Destiny where I kicked off the year at a retreat on January 7th. Though we ran out of time, it was amazing and comforting to see all the participants bond and share freely.

My “oh sigh” moment was when I did a home video last week and I pulled it from You Tube before it saw the light of day. Then things got really busy and I did not get the will to shoot another one before the end of the month. But it’s not too late…

This month was filled with a lot of highs and lows (mostly mushy emotional girly stuff which I’m sure you don’t want to hear about — I can see the looks of fear on your faces!)16422636_1319840334739119_4226622194013980401_o

The highs were really HIGH and the lows were really LOW, but I am thankful for them all, because I needed to go through some of those things to understand myself better and prove to myself how strong I am and the value of the good times like this. I feel truly blessed to have such great friends who never fail me.

Ya know in life there are lots of ups and downs…even when things are going seemingly great, we may still not feel quite “right” within our minds and hearts, but try to remember 3 very important things:

1. There are people who love you unconditionally regardless and think you’re awesome. You were created for a purpose and sent to those exact situations and people at any given point in time for a reason. The world wouldn’t be quite the same for them without you in it!

No matter what you’re going through, it WILL get better with time and faith. When you change your perspective, you change the outcome and intensity of a tough situation.

2. You have the power deep within your being to create the life of your dreams. It’s cliche but: “Life IS what you make it” When that bad feeling comes…roll with it. Let it soak through your being and retreat into yourself…talk to yourself (even if ppl think you’re nuts).

Have a REAL conversation with God, meditate, reflect, sit in nature and just give thanks for this amazing life. .try writing down what you are grateful for in a Gratitude Journal and you will realize that you have run out of space and time.

Look up at the clouds and watch them move across the sky and give thanks.

Me & my client’s pet today.  I am thankful for this little boy.

Look at the beauty of a tree or flower or fruit and give thanks.

Marvel at a rainbow or sunset or running stream or ocean and GIVE THANKS!

If you can see and hear and smell and taste and touch and move around! Give thanks!

You are blessed beyond measure.

Gratitude opens the door for more abundance.

And move on.
Transform your life!
You will see how life improves with gratitude and acceptance.

3. Dig deep, list your talents and find your passion and live it every day and watch the universe/God open up paths for your evolution.

Ask yourself how you can help others with your passion. “How can I make their life easier or happier and better?”

Watch how people respond to you and how you suddenly attract abundance by your very energy and enthusiasm for life and what you do every day through your interactions or job.

Think of every ‘meeting’ as Divinely ordained. An opportunity to share your joy and passion to enrich another life (unless the other person is averse to this).

When the bad moods and feelings come (and they will)…sing a happy song, go exercise, dance and repeat steps 1 thru 3.

For everything else there’s WINE! lol

Hope your January was great and here’s wishing your February will be even greater.

ps Give Thanks!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo



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