Happy New Year to you if you’re just reading my blog for the first time this year, or ever! Right now, as I type, I’m joyful to have you join me in your part of the world as I share mine. Hope your year started off with a bang (not literally though ha ha).

Mine was cool. Though I gotta tell ya, the more some things change, the more they stay the same…It’s up to us really to make that change and stick with it. Ya know what I mean right? Shhhh. Can you keep a secret? I’ll tell you…

Life can be compared to sailing on the ocean. Bear with me for a bit would you? You (aka the ship) are smoothly sailing along, minding your own business. You start off as a baby then toddler, child and teenager with a captain and sometimes two (aka parents).

You think you’re in control as you sail further along, but realize you’re really not – at all! For the first couple decades of your life, you pretty much just do whatever your captain(s) say(s). Or else – you get thrown overboard!!

There are times during your voyage, you may just be breezing through this thing called life…carefree, fun and happy with many blissful moments. But as your ship sails further along and you try to navigate the waves as an adult, you realize, “Hey! Gimme back my cap’ns mate!”

Stuff is getting real.

You have to deal with finding a job, work-life: finding something you’re good at and staying motivated; relationships and love: finding the right partner; parenting/being a captain of mini versions of yourself. Wow!!

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As the song now playing on my internet radio says: “Lovin’ can hurt sometimes…”

And that’s only half of it.

Some may not only have to deal with heartbreak, divorce and single parenting, but other side-effects like infidelity, inferiority, insecurity, depression and addiction.

On the economic and physical/emotional side, as we try to navigate the waves, we are faced with unemployment, lack of fulfillment, illness, financial challenges, death of loved ones and friends, including children and parents.

When your captain or captains are gone for good, it might leave a hole in your heart and in your life, until or unless you come to terms with that pain and find healing.

When you become a captain yourself, you may feel like you are drowning even while on deck.

At times, the ocean (life) may seem unkind, unfair and just plain mean. You may think it’s playing a mean trick on you while you battle the waves for your life! 

But it’s not.

I’m not gonna do a motivational sales pitch now while I cue the imaginary music. But I will just say this.

Life is not playing a mean trick on you.

All of us go through our trials and tribulations in life – some more than others, I agree. But everyone’s burden is REAL. You just never know what someone else is going through, based on how they deal with it, and what is visible to the outside world.

You may misinterpret it, underestimate it or take it for granted.

Never for a minute compare your journey to someone else’s!

What is important is that we stay focused on what is in front of us and what is important to us. When we do that, our load gets lighter since we don’t have that yardstick to compare ourselves to anyone else.


photo credit – http://www.unsplash.com

When penning your goals each year/month/week, ask yourself: “What will matter to me when my best years are behind me?”

Is it the material things we “bought”?

Is it the plaques and certificates on the wall and the letters behind our name?

Is it the lifestyle we crave more and more of? The house, in the particular neighbourhood, the particular car, the “right friends”, the appearances?

I agree these things make life easier and happier at times and it’s okay to enjoy them without letting them take over our lives.

The trouble is what happens when we become consumed at all costs and lose sight of the people and things that really matter:

  • Our health,
  • Our peace of mind,
  • Spending quality time with the people we care about and showing our appreciation in different ways, and…
  • What we were each created for: making a difference in other lives and finding our purpose.

After we have left this earth, what would we want those people to say and remember us by? Would the good things overpower the ‘bad’ or would our memory fade into oblivion just as our life?

Food for Thought:

A meaningful life is not measured by objects that we fill it with, or selfies that we have taken in an attempt to leave our mark.

However, by the memories we have made, the bonds we have formed and the lives we have touched…even in our imperfection.

That speaks volumes and is indisputable. 


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Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo