Why you should give a New Year’s Gift that keeps on Giving

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Why you should give a New Year’s Gift that keeps on Giving

Christmas has once again stolen our hearts, waistlines and wallets, and while some may have given and received shiny, fast or glowing expressions of love as gifts, we have to ask ourselves, how many of them really endure? I’m not being a Christmas Grinch, but let’s have some fun. I’ll show, rather than tell you where I’m going, with a little story…

One Saturday night last November, I came home from a long, but fun day doing interviews for stories. Tiredly, I plopped on the couch next to my sister and gazed at the television screen, and out of nowhere, an odd thought suddenly occurred to me. Unaware of its origins, I kept it to myself this whole time. But it never left me.

Have you ever had these thoughts or been there yourself?

How come so many people get married in their early 20s, at a time when they are still navigating their life’s path, getting to know oneself and figuring out what they want to become and do with their life? Imagine doing that times 2!!

I thought about my own life and if this had happened to me. I think for me, now in my late 30s, I am a ‘whole’ person (yes my driver’s license proves it, some still think I am a kid, but I kid you not!). In my second book, How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours, I talk about how I figured out who I was and my purpose in this world, and the steps I took to achieve every single one of my dreams – long before the age of 40.

I have not a single regret in life.

Sometimes when life is happening, you may question the outcome of events and even your future. But in retrospect, you realize that everything is as it was meant to be, since the difficult times taught you how strong you were and the extent of your faith and capabilities.

I thought about if I had gotten married within the last decade of my life, when I was a completely different person, with all these undecided things on my to-do list. Boy, that would that have been challenging (and that’s putting it mildly because Lord knows, I’m a handful to deal with already, even in my singleness!). But I know not everyone is the same.

Yet, I tried to wrap my head around exactly how people make their marriages last, after settling down at such a young age, meanwhile trying to discover yourself and another person, along with other mini-versions of yourselves AND deal with the inevitable changes that come with age and maturity! Gives new meaning to unconditional love.

I thought long and hard and came up with no answers.

For every challenge, intense emotion or problem I have ever had in my life, I either wrote about it, or talked it out with someone I trust (and I was so blessed there were always an abundance of those people who never broke my trust). So for me, to keep this to myself for this long was unnatural. But I do intend to bring up the subject at my next workshop in early January 2017 (see flyer).

The workshop based on my first book Thinking out Loud explores aging (turning 30 for me and the universal, silent epiphanies I had), dealing with change, finding your passion, workplace conflict, wanting to break free from the rat race (back then), family, friendship, love – or something like it, celebrating milestones, the holidays and so much more.

This is a feel-good collection, which got a really good response in Trinidad and Tobago’s largest and most-read Sunday magazine, where they were first published many years ago. It embraces all religions, philosophies and ideologies on life that came almost effortlessly, straight from the heart with divine inspiration.

Listening to the responses at various book talks I’ve done around my country was absolutely moving! Such a wide cross-section of people sharing so much of their very personal memories with me and other complete strangers was a privilege and honour I would never forget. It was so great that’s why I want to spread the love for reading and writing around the world.

I began with love, so I’ll end by sharing pieces of me contained in my 3rd book. A short collection of poems – She missed the boat on love for those of us who have loved and lost – which is all of us, unless you’re a supermodel, and yet we all hurt the same way!

It nurses the ‘tabanca’ we have all long buried (for non-Caribbean folk, we’ll say broken heart for universality). Some poems will make you smile, some may even make you laugh out loud, and then others may have you bawling your eyes out, as you nod in agreement and heal that part of your heart that needs to be healed.

Without telling, I was able to paint a picture in words showing that books are a fun, educational, motivational entertainment package all rolled into one. This is not a plug for my own books, but for authors everywhere. In the age of technology and instant gratification where everyone is saying reading is a dying art form, I am demonstrating why it is so fundamentally important to connect minds, feelings and generations. To put your past in perspective, achieve your catharsis and healing, to live fully in the present, in order to make the most of your future.

By reading a book, you will realize that someone else has walked in your shoes, empathizes with you and you don’t have to walk this journey alone. You have the help of people like myself who have been exactly where you are.

Our story just might provide you with the hope, inspiration and encouragement to start a new chapter on your life’s path, or even begin writing it and start living your best life!

You can learn more about me here, read testimonials, view event photos and shop for my books on Amazon or at select bookstores listed on the flyer below.

Gift a gift of reading that endures and show someone how much you care!

Peace & Love.

Happy Reading!

All the very best in 2017. May all your dreams come true.


HIC Omega Consulting

Carolyn Kristy Correia is an author and the principal consultant of HIC Omega Consulting – a micro communications consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago that showcases talent through the use of writing and motivational speaking, to increase visibility and assist others to live their life’s purpose and a more meaningful and fulfilling life. You can follow her journey here www.carolyncorreia.com

Why you should give a New Year’s Gift that keeps on Giving

Why you should give a New Year’s Gift that keeps on Giving

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