What’s on your Christmas Wish list this year?

It’s that time again…Christmastime! I’m almost sure that you’re looking back on the past year to determine if you’ve accomplished your New Year’s resolutions/goals or not. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, wipe the slate clean and start anew. Here’s some tips to get the ball rolling!

This article was first published on November 14, 2016 on The CaribbeanCurrent 

It’s November already and we’re moments away from Christmas and two months more until we usher in a brand new year. Wow! Wherever did the time go?! I stopped making New Year’s resolutions when I decided to become an entrepreneur, but rather I make monthly and weekly goals that I want to see become a reality. As I accomplish each task, I scratch them off my list one by one.

Making Your Christmas Goal Wish List

This year has been all sorts of amazing, even in the midst of a sparse few disappointments and painful experiences. However, I’ve realized over time that it’s all a matter of perception.

What we view as failure or even misfortune can be a blessing turned inside out, or an opportunity for growth, transformation or healing, if only we look at it through a different lens.

It’s important that we find the lessons in order to move forward in a healthy manner.

As we embark on the holiday season, it’s a good time to slow down a while and take a step back to evaluate:

1) Our professional wish list and the things we want to accomplish in our lifetime

2) Our personal life/wish list – whether it’s family, romantic, spirituality, health, outlook/mindset. These two things all have implications for our overall well-being, happiness and peace of mind.

What I’ve also found is that we can have all the material possessions and accomplishments in the world, but if we don’t know what we really want and need to make us truly and completely happy, then our efforts will be in vain.

Here are 3 items to consider as we move into this special time of year:

  1. Find out how you would like to be remembered

Personally, I want to be remembered for making people happy, bringing about change and eliciting healing and inspiration to realize their full potential. That’s a mouthful I know, but it’s already starting to happen. Think deeply and list all your special gifts and talents that make your eyes wide with joy and cause a chain reaction of faces aglow with that same fire, passion and satisfaction.

Figure out how this can help others and channel your energies into making it a reality in everyday life. Change and passion doesn’t have to be done in grandiose ways, but to each person you meet, ask yourself how can I bring joy or add value.

  1. Plan your time around the people and things you love

Whether it’s playing football, singing or spending time with your granny, parent, spouse photo-1461010083959-8a5727311252or 2-year-old toddler, consciously make space for it/them in your life.

I think the two most valuable things in life are time and love. If we devote our energy to nurturing this in our life, then I believe we would find true contentment, peace and joy.

Time is fleeting and true love never dies, but if you take them for granted long enough, they will fade and disappear.

  1. Let Passion be your guiding force

In my humble opinion, passion is the key ingredient to success and happiness. The old folks say, “Do something properly or not at all”. If you can’t give your heart totally to a person or a project, then the outcome simply won’t be the same as the person who does it with an open, giving heart full of joy and pride. If you do something grudgingly or with reproach in your heart, it will show.

Sometimes we get stuck doing jobs “just because”. Either to survive or to satisfy a need/whim, but we can make a choice to move on to a more fulfilling realization of our purpose, or as my former boss always said, “Make the most of a bad situation until you can do better!” It’s as simple as that.

Put your unique and creative stamp on it and release it into the universe with love. You can bet your bottom dollar; your rewards will multiply in some shape or form in time.

The same can be said for people, we sometimes end up in relationships and marriages, “just because” of what this person represents or can bring to our life.

But love is something so real and powerful, that you can’t fake it or deny it.

The lack of love and passion will eventually show and manifest in very ugly and “unloving” ways, leaving us unhappy and unfulfilled.

So choose wisely and love with your whole heart, or not all.

Making Your Christmas Goal Wish List
photo credit – http://www.unsplash.com

There you have it. My secret Christmas recipe to transform your dreams into reality for the holidays and the New Year 2017!

Make a wish, release and wait for it to come true!

 Happy Holidays!

Carolyn K. Correia is the author of Thinking out Loud, How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours and she missed the boat on love. She is also a communications consultant, freelance writer, blogger and motivational speaker. Learn more here www.carolyncorreia.com or stay updated on Facebook –CarolynCorreiaAuthor.


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