Dig deep and find out where you belong

Hello my friends,

So much has happened since we last spoke. November is here and I forgot to welcome you to this new month 😦 To say that I was busy would be cliche, so instead of making excuses for my absence, I will just say I am sorry. I’ll share a little about what I’ve been up to.

Over the last couple months I have done a few speaking engagements which was all kinds of amazing. I did not have time to blog about each and every one, but if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to share in the moments in real time.img_20161025_132011

The first was an author’s visit to the book club at the Tunapuna library, another a talk to the girls of St. Charles’s High School same location,Β and the most recent one was a talk at the LiveStyle showcase at the Hotel Normandie last Sunday.Β 

Each one was so different and so dear to me as I connected to members of the audience in different ways, with different content and different energy.

Guys, lemme tell ya, it’s so important to find that one thing you are good at (even if you think you are not great at it)…but the proof is in the pudding, if others can relate, you are on the right path.

Stop what you’re doing now, LISTEN and follow that path to the end! It will NOT lead you wrong. It holds the secret to true and lasting joy, peace, love and abundance as you attract all things good to your life.

For many years I thought writing was my main gift, but when I wrote my first book, my alma mater asked me to speak at their graduation, then a call came from a college in Dallas. But I still had my day job, so it was not a priority, just a fun thing to do…You can read all about it in Chapter 9 (When in doubt, go right) of my second book How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours.

I wrote about one of my many moments of truth in Chapter 8 (Just over the rainbow), when I hosted a Mother’s Day function in Tobago in 2013. Bells went off in my head when I saw the response it eliwhatsapp-image-2016-11-11-at-8-33-44-pmcited from the staff. I formed several friendships which have endured to this day.Β 

But that moment sealed the deal for me and here I am.Β It’s way too late to turn back now…I am having too much fun making other people happy.

Now, all these years later doing it full time and to witness a room full of smiles and nods of agreement, echoes of laughter, questions and comments, persons taking notes, photos and videos, I feel an awakening of my purpose all over again.

From the comments like, “I am amazed at how humble you are and can relate to persons from all walks of life, don’t ever change” to “You spoke to me today when you said ….thank you” or “I just wanted you to know that we are so proud of you and we support you 100%“.Β To the people who couldn’t make it, but wanted to contribute to a ticket without everIMG_20161015_114541.jpg hearing me speak.

But the one that left a smile on my face for days was when each time I tried to thank members of the audience individually…they said to me, “No! Thank you!


The hugs, the genuine words of encouragement, the meaning behind the words and the eyes aglow…

This is where I belong. And this can happen to you too.

I felt my purpose come alive as my gift was actually helping people…see life through a different lens…inspiring them to live more fully….motivating them to change something in their life…to live their passion and purpose…putting a smile on their face…

From the once serious faces that broke out in giggles and laughter…to the eyes filled with JOY! This is the greatest gift …to see other people happy…Β 

It is surreal and humbling. It makes my heart glad and bursting at the seams with gratitude. I am honoured that I have found my gift and obeyed the call to step out in faith to serve others in this very real and direct way…after a long period of sleep walking and burying part of it inside of me.

Whenever I think it’s not a big deal, I am reminded that it is indeed a special privilege. That in spite of my flaws and perceived challenges, I am able to transcend that and transform them into something useful and purposeful.

Your talent is only a heartbeat away…

Dig deep….go within and sit still.

List all the things you are good at and all the things you love to do…even if you did not get paid.

The things that would make time seem to stand still.

Ask yourself how can this help others?

Therein you will have the first step to figuring out what your purpose is in this world.

I believe in You and your talent. And when this happens to you, you can tell me, how awesome the feeling of fulfillment is. Feel free to post a comment below and tell me how this blog helped. Or grab my books at a bookstore near you, or subscribe to this blog.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn x


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