Once bitten, twice shy…again

After some unnecessary stress these last few days, I am adopting a new approach to life…I’ve learnt my lesson and learnt it well. I hope I don’t have to relearn it again! Once bitten, twice shy…

1. Don’t accept kindness from total strangers unless it is a barter…even so, tread light.

photo credit – http://www.unsplash.com

2. Learn to discern and read people early on. Don’t take it for granted that everybody has your values or mindset.

3. Trust your first instincts and don’t get too comfortable and allow them into your inner head space.

4. Class and morals are not bought, it is born into and practiced.

5. Stay true to yourself, get things off your chest, be direct, but pick your battles and know when to let go and let God.

6. Genuine souls filled with love are once in a lifetime and never to be taken for granted. When you find them, show your appreciation, hold on tight, and don’t let go.

7. Toxic disingenuous people are like poison to your soul and it spreads to your mind and body. Stay away at all costs!

8. Character is something that you can’t escape. Your true blue bonafide earth angels can identify this and will always love you unconditionally, in spite of all your messed up foibles and off days.

9. We have so many choices in life, but sometimes life chooses us. Choices are very hard, conditioning the mind to chose correctly is even harder, but practice makes perfect, it can be done.

I chose to be happy and live an abundant life attracting all things good.

Carolyn Kristy Correia (c) 2016 


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