Is your glass half full when it comes to being happy?

I am slowly coming out of hibernation after a very hectic month and a half of planning my last event. Even so, I realize my body is still calling for rest….loads and loads of it. If only… A weekend in Mayaro or Matelot would be great..all  expenses paid will be even greater.

But one can dream…

Speaking of dreams, I was awoken at 4:40 am this morning by a very vivid dream of me soaring way over the horizon at sunset above all the aeroplanes and flapping my wings like a bird.

Wow! What a dream. It was exhilarating!

This can mean several things from achievement, to freedom, to new heights of spirituality/consciousness or letting go of a sticky situation according to one dream dictionary.

But I will not hold fast to those definitions. I realized one thing about the dream…that even though I was asleep, I was very in control of where I was flying, because I seemed to be able to traverse time!

Double wow. I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

Joshua Earle.jpg

As I continue to navigate life’s adventures and the possibilities for my life both personal and professional, I realize that my conscious thoughts hold the key to my future.

If you can think it, you can claim it.

And vice versa, if you can’t envision your desired future in a positive manner, you may be placing blocks in your path for achievement.

No matter how dim things may seem in this moment, I am here to tell you that there is light at the end of your tunnel. If I were to have given up and listened to all the bad advice and criticism received over my lifetime, I would have never exceeded the goals I had for myself.

If you have been reading my posts you would notice that I rarely talk about my personal life. And while many may agree that balance is required in life, I am really truly grateful for the experiences I have had and the people that have crossed my path over the years.

They have all added to the richness and excitement of my days. When I think it can’t get any more exciting, someone comes along to top that former experience.

Moral: there’s always better on the way, but learn to spot a good thing and hold on to it because it won’t be there forever! Also ‘good things’ come in many different disguises and conditions, learn to discern and know what’s right for you.

Lotte Meijer.jpg
photo credit – Lotte Meijer.

I have found that while there are the people that stay with you for many decades and seasons of your life, some only pass through and sometimes leave the most profound impact on your psyche.

While some of us can find the lessons and move beyond the feelings, in our quietest moments, these memories find their way back to you at the oddest of times…like on a roller coaster ride or a long drive while having a conversation with another.

You may even have a deja vu moment on the bus, at a business meeting or if placed in a similar situation with someone else.

If you are as emotional as I am, these feelings can linger for a while until you make a conscious desire to tuck them away in the recesses of your mind.

I guess it’s from there I am able to draw inspiration as a writer. It is important not to let these experiences control you, but rather find the lessons and know when to move on.

Moving on may be one of the most difficult things to do in life. Maybe because we don’t want to let go of a happy time. Or perhaps because we think we may not be able to recapture the same magic of that moment or experience.

Or maybe even because of shame or fear of what others may think of us if we do leave. But at the end of the day, we must do what’s right for ourselves in order to truly live a happy and healthy life.


photo credit –

Food for Thought: Happiness should not be something to be enjoyed only 50% or 75% of the time.

We should ‘will’ ourselves to be happy the majority, if not ALL of the time and really fight to avoid getting consumed by the situations and/or people that may come along to steal our joy in any given moment.

I know this can be really tough, but if we don’t fight for what we want in life, the things that come easy may lead us down a slippery slope of pain and disappointment.

Is your glass half full when it comes to being happy? 

Make a decision today to fill it all the way.

Until next time,

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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