Abundance manifests at 2nd Book Talk & Jazz!

It’s something about Saturday nights that captures all the allure of excitement and beauty personified. I had the pleasure for the second time of meeting and holding the attention of over 50 beautiful people in my audience at my second Book Talk & Jazz on Saturday 8th October, 2016. (You can watch the magic as it unfolded by clicking on the link to the photo album above.)

I am still beside myself wondering if I would wake up from this dream. It was all kinds of amazing and fantastic and humbling and fulfilling. I looked at the video footage today and I now believe fully all the positive feedback that I received. I want to say thank you in all 6,900+ different languages there are in the world but I don’t know how! (Yup I Googled it, there are!).


The Jazz

Thank You to my Jazz singer songwriter friend Patrice Inglesbirth for sharing the mic with me and being a part of this special journey. It really has been a marvelous adventure.

We make a great team and as our friendship grew stronger over these past 2 years, when I listen to you, more and more I realize what a truly beautiful and genuine soul you are and how much you care. Not only about my success, but about my happiness and well-being.

I have certainly found a great friend in you. And I want you to reach to the moon and shine with all the stars in the universe with your exceptional talent and heart.

The Audience

Thank you to the audience for your overwhelming support and trust (even though most of you never heard me speak before!). I am blown away by the feedback and energy and smiles and laughter as I connected with your eyes and nods and sharing.

It was an amazing moment to learn that most, if not all of you are looking forward to the next Book Talk & Jazz! I am doing cartwheels 🙂 It makes my heart glad to know that I am making an impact and a difference in the world as I fulfill my purpose. And I can’t wait to share more passionate stories, lessons and insights learnt along my unfolding journey!


How the idea was borne

I owe this idea to so many different people –

  • Master orator – Paul Keens Douglas first and foremost after a Storytelling workshop I attended last year;
  • Sonia Lisa Hoyte of the San Juan library for the experiences and opportunity to speak there on a few occasions
  • The Port-of-Spain library for the opportunity to speak about my journey as well as to perform at your Celebrity Storytelling Tale-athon in 2014 and 2015,
  • Author, former principal and educator, Joan Porter-Patterson for sharing her experiences in this field in North America with me,
  • Adanna Austin – my first business coach for the translation of this idea into reality in a different setting.

The Participants

Heartfelt gratitude is extended to educator Garlene Hicks for the animated and passionate reading from my second book – How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours.

To the contributors, I appreciate your responses, feedback and sharing which added to the entire magic of the evening – Keegan St Martin, Chelsie Murray, Emma Charles, Vera Deokiesingh, Carissa Daniel, Nisha Lee Archibald and Joan Porter Patterson.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My support network

  • My Most Awesome God for blessing me with this talent, aligning the stars in my favour and getting me through this for the second time! I certainly could not have pulled it off without You!
  • Thanks to my Dad (bless his soul) for encouraging me to write books. Also to my family for listening to me practice (though sometimes kicking and screaming),
  • My friends who listened, gave of their time and shared generously with me marketing advice – Cindy Guevara and Yohann Sambrano. Cindy words can’t begin to describe my appreciation for those hour long calls on the drive to and from work!
  • My business coach – Carissa Daniel who helped solidify my focus and make everything all come together. 
  • My web support and friend Natalie O’Brien who never failed me and made time in her busy schedule.
  • My accounting friends Beverly Medford and Roxanne Cox for their guidance and time.


Many thanks also to Paradise Pulse magazine, TT Chamber of Commerce, The Association of Female Executives TT for promoting my events on their page and also Online Ads TT for your great service.

To all the past attendees who gave written and video testimonials….I am so in awe and grateful to you…Thank You!

Thank you to Gillian and Jason of Brew 2 U for providing my guests with their yummy coffee, tea and cocoa.

Moral support and advice in the form of Joan Porter-Patterson, Indira Teloka, Jason Marcano, Chelsie Murray, Professor Don Jacob, Ramona Totesau-Peter, Gillian Locke, Maria Michael-Alibey, Wavenie St. John and Courtney Williams.  And so many others who believed in me even when I felt like giving up.

The Prizes

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to The Business Radical, Angostura, La Souce Environmental Designs and Camaca Folk Designs LLC for adding to the fun with the wonderful prizes. The winners enjoyed each and every one immensely!

The Most Amazing Technical Team – The glue that held this all together!

Of course last but by no means least, I could not have pulled this off without my EXCELLENT technical team who went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the evening was memorable and enjoyed by all! Words alone can’t express my gratitude – you have to see for yourself!

Infinite thanks to Timothy Mohammed and Shiva Duncan (sound and music) Neville B. Alexander (photography), Akinyele O. Fraser and the crew at Pure Playrz Production (videography and stills). Thank you to Indira Teloka and Jason Marcano for linking this up!


Photography by 11 Eye. Neville B. Alexander

If I left out anyone this one is for you, Thank You, Merci, Gracias, Graci!!!! Until 2017!

Dreams Fulfilled.

Until next time….

Peace & Love

Carolyn xo

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