Why your life’s purpose is so important and how I cracked the code


This article was written for the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago’s (AFETT) Take Note Newsletter – September 2016 Issue.

There have been hundreds, if not thousands of books, workshops and content created on how to find your passion and purpose, yet I believe that each spin on the topic sparks interest and connects with at least one mind who are yet to have their “aha moment”.

Within the last few years since leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, my purpose and passion have been sharpened and molded exponentially as the days and months go by. With each new article, blog, book, speaking engagement or happy customer, it ignites a fire within my soul and my purpose is given new wings to grow and develop.

In spite of this, I’ve found that for many people, purpose and passion are concepts that bear little meaning and significance in the grand scheme of their life for many reasons. Then I remembered what a former work colleague turn friend said to me recently one night: “But Carolyn, when did you discover that you had a purpose?” Wow. I must admit that I was thrown by his question, simply because I never gave it much thought until now.

Everything is relative and when the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly all the missing pieces come together as you are able to connect the dots for others who may not get your vision and philosophy on life.

I realized I had a deeper purpose when I hosted staff functions at my last job in Tobago. When I saw the reaction it elicited from my colleagues especially at a Mother’s Day function and Birthday Club events, as well as the sheer joy and excitement captured in the photos at my last two jobs, it led to an epiphany on my life.

Purpose realized December 2013, TOBAGO

When people can come together and find inspiration, joy, laughter, dance, sing and listen to each other share their innermost experiences, that is not to be taken for granted. I share these experiences more vividly in my second book, How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours. When others benefit from your work or talent, suddenly you find that your life has a deeper meaning and purpose as you are able to make other people happy.

Each experience you have in your lifetime has a purpose and you are exactly where you need to be at any given moment, regardless of how it may seem at the time. Flashforward to 3 years later, I am still told how these functions are fondly remembered and how my contribution had value. To create lasting memories and I daresay a legacy, is a feeling that matches no other.

In life we do careers for many reasons. For economic reasons merely to get by; for societal reasons to keep up with the Joneses’ or as a status symbol and other reasons which I expound on in my first book, Thinking out Loud.

But I truly believe a career or business must be done to add value to other lives as it comes from a place of service in order to bring the fulfillment and abundance to our lives which most people seek for self-actualization.

Herein lies the ‘secret’ to all things good – peace, joy, love and true success.

Carolyn K. Correia is the author of Thinking out Loud, How To Find Yourself and Claim What’s Yours and she missed the boat on love. She is also a communications consultant, freelance writer, blogger and motivational speaker. Learn more here www.carolyncorreia.com , follow her blog, find her books or stay updated on Facebook –CarolynCorreiaAuthor.


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