Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could jump out of bed each morning happy to go to work?

How many of us can say we truly love our jobs? In my first book Thinking out Loud, I talk about the 3 reasons we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a job that isn’t us.

Believe me, I know what that’s like. Any of this sound familiar?

You sometimes run out of snoozes on your alarm clock Β and it’s an extra effort to get out of the door. The days just seem to drag on and you start counting down the days to Friday or your next long weekend. When Sunday rolls around, you begin to suffer from anxiety and depression. Oh! The agony 😦

Why? Simply because you haven’t found your passion and purpose and your work doesn’t make your heart sing. And this can impact other areas of your life.Β 

Find out how I found my passion and made it work for me as well as the secret to attracting abundance to your life like never before at my next Book Talk & Jazz on October 8th. You don’t want to delay in securing your seat! For more, call 798-8596/email inspirationescape@gmail.com.

As an added bonus, today I will share with you the #1 reason you should do a job that you love. This can make the world of difference in our lives.

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As human beings we fall short. Let’s face it, everything is not going to be perfect in all areas of our lives all the time. But we are a work in progress and each day we grow. If we find meaning in what we do for a living, it can actually light up the other areas of our life.

I read an email a few years ago (and more recently) that reads, “most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us.” Wow. That honestly scared me! Suddenly my life flashed before me and I asked myself: “Carolyn, what are you doing with your life?!!!”

When I was employed at my day job, my co-workers would tell me, “with your talent and skills, you would be so amazing doing what you truly love.” And then it happened one day.

Flash forward to several years later, here I am. I am my own boss and I wake up happy book-talk-jazz-group-rateevery day, looking forward to my work, knowing that I am impacting lives for the better.Β 

Let me tell you, it is the most amazing feeling in the world when people from all over the world tell you that your work makes a difference in their lives or that you have helped them in some way.

You attract all things good and it lights your world AFIRE!

My goal for my Book Talk & Jazz is to assist others to find their special talents and purpose and elicit that kind of response from their work.

Would you let me show you how?

Meet me in person live and consult in real time! Inspiration and motivation for young graduates and adults at a crossroads toΒ navigate your life. Let’s paint your grey skies blue andΒ turn your challenges into stepping stones.

For tickets email inspirationescape@gmail.com or 798-8596.

Don’t believe me?Β Here’s some testimonials from my last Book Talk & Jazz

I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot more questions than answers and trying to figure out what is _tev8971my calling, my real purpose in life. The Book Talk & Jazz event helped me to address these questions.
It was very inspiring hearing Carolyn speak about the challenges she faced but also how things eventually fell into place for her like it was meant to be.
To me what is most amazing is how she was able to create her business and answer her calling which has made such a positive impact on so many people, including myself.
I would invite anyone to attend future events she may have and to buy her books. You would not be disappointed.

Keegan St Martin – Networking Analyst

I have never been to a book talk or experienced live Jazz performances before, and I honestly did not know what to expect when I bought my ticket for this event. So I was pleasantly surprised and a little blown away during this event.

Proud winner of a door prize


Carolyn’s candid discussions about her life experiences really touched me and at one point I found myself on the verge of tears as I could identify with what she was saying.
Her nuggets of advice were simple and easy to follow and I even found myself pulling out my notepad and jotting down a few points.
I love how the songs Patrice, the Jazz singer, chose matched the theme of the night and complimented all that Carolyn had to say, which was quite a lot.
I will definitely be going to more of her events in the future.

Indira Teloka – Owner – La Souce Environmental Designs

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If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line or comment on this post.

Peace and more love,

Carolyn xo