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Earlier today (err yesterday) I returned to my usual feature writing routine. It was all kinds of awesome and fun! I haven’t done an interview since phew! Like early August. Truth be told, I had some delays due to my injury/accident and my car being down and just the overall recession of the industry and the time of year too (school books/ vacation). But all is well for those who have faith and like to live on the edge.

Through the grace of God, I was able to do other things to stay afloat. That’s the great thing about multiple streams of income and passive income. But I realize as the year winds down, I do need to pick up the pace (and I do have lotsa exciting plans in store) and get back into the swing of things if I want to accomplish some of my other goals by year’s end.Β 

One thing I need to start back doing is exercise – vigorously and consistently. Wow! Those couple months home recovering have seriously packed on some extra pounds! LOL.

Most times you can’t see it in my clothing, but I know and those closer to me know the difference! I need to nip that in the bud and all my friends are like my personal trainers on me like paint to get back to my regular size some years ago.

I remember 2010 was one of my all time best fitness levels – that was the year I completed my Masters and went to England for my graduation.

It was also the year one of my sisters and nieces came to visit. I remember taking pics at the Waterfront with them and looking like one of the kids! LOL. My legs were so toned and my skin was glowing…radiant if you will. Wow!

There was a point where everyone would comment about how much of a glow I had – I remember there was this one guy in particular at the office that would hang over my cubicle and ask every day if I ate a lot of carrots!!! hahaha. While I still get some attention, I will do anything to get back to those days…Β I CAN AND I WILL!

I’ve proven time and time again that everything I set my heart and mind to, I receive! Find out how you can too!

It’s funny when you say some of your goals out loud, it seems laughable and even impossible especially to other people. That’s why all the life’s guru’s of our time say you shouldn’t tell other people your innermost goals.

But I say what the hay. This blog is a catharsis for me and maybe nobody will really read this one! (I hope, because I am out on a ledge letting it all hang out!)

The more we tell ourselves we can’t do something, it reduces the likelihood of us doing it. However if we speak positivity and belief into what we hope to do and become, then there’s a greater chance that we will do and become those things.Β 

I never planned on becoming an author. And back in the day, it looked like I wouldn’t become a writer either (more about that at my Book Talk on October 8th!). But one day my Dad encouraged me to write books and I doubted I could do it (this is all in the introduction to my second book – How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours).

Then poof! I have not only 1 published book, but 3, and 2 more on the way!

I believed in his belief in me and then one day it just happened! First by accident (with the publication of Thinking out Loud) then more deliberately with my second book.

I even shelved the book/manuscript for many years, but I guess that is all history (Again you can read all about it here).

Not to boast, but I am proud that I never gave up and because of my perseverance, today I have been published and featured in several newspapers and magazines locally, regionally and internationally.

These include but are not limited to: the T&T Woman Express, Express main paper (featured), Trinidad Guardian, Trinidad Newsday Business magazine, Newsday main paper, Panache Jamaica magazine, Paradise Pulse magazine, Wikio Experts (UK), contributed to Elite Daily (NY) and The Huffington Post.

My point is that no matter how you feel right now, there’s more to come. One of the secrets to success is surrounding yourself with people who support and believe in you. Toxic people drain your energy, dampen your spirits and kill your will and enthusiasm for living your best life. You can also read about that in my second book!

Another is to never give up. Guard your thoughts as these determine your future.

Speak doom and gloom and that is what will materialize in your life. Speak positivity and bet your bottom dollar, all your deepest and dearest dreams will be yours.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but wait for it. Even if it takes 10 years or more, it will happen in your lifetime with careful thought and continuous action.

To book your ticket to my Book Talk & Jazz on October 8th happening in Trinidad and find out how I turned all of these negatives into positives, started impacting lives and living my dream and learn how you can too, email or call 798-8596.

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Happy Sunday!

Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo