No place I’d rather be than Sweet TnT

Hey again. Wow 2 blogs in one night, I’m on a roll. lol. Seriously the night is still young and I couldn’t let the day pass without marking the moment. 

Today is Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago…the picturesque, cosmopolitan twin-island of my birth. While everything may not be all perfect and dandy, many of us still call it home and won’t have it any other way. In fact I know of many expat trinis who still miss home no matter how much time they’ve been away.

Whether it is the many mouthwatering dishes and cuisines from all different nationalities too numerous to mention (will do a separate blog for that), or the rich culture and festivals  – like Tobago Heritage Festival, Carnival – Panorama (steelpan concert) and the parade of the bands, Divali, Phagwa, Hosay and Eid…we all come together and celebrate each one as a family. (Wish I could find some of these pics of Ole Time Moriah Tobago wedding!)

The parang (Spanish Christmas music) and Christmas season is the most perfect end to the year and you can make friends on first meeting someone at the grocery store, post office or a party. T&T’s where you can still find some of the most friendly and helpful people on earth.

photo credit – C. K. Correia (c) 2013 Flagstaff Lookout, Speyside, Tobago All rights reserved

The beautiful beaches in Tobago, the bake and shark at Maracas, turtle watching in Mathura, Great Race in Tobago and all the hiking, waterfalls and nature trails throughout out twin-island are really beautiful experiences to behold.

Driving through the countryside and meeting the people and experiencing the way of life is one of the best vacation getaways ever – Matelot, Manzanilla, Mayaro, Rio Claro, Brasso Seco are a wonderment of splendour. The life is different and the people have much less than so-called city folks, but they seem to be happier and so peaceful. It’s a beautiful life and once you visit you don’t want to leave.

photo credit – C.K. Correia (c) 2015. San Souci

Ahh yess….makes me want to visit Matelot and Mayaro again. Life is what you make it. Sometimes we complain so much about what we don’t have that we miss out on what we do have. There is always room for improvement, but each citizen has the ability to change little things that all add up to the bigger things. Soon there can be a whole chain reaction of positive change as the mentality and mindset changes across the land.

Photo credit – C.K.Correia (c) 2014 National Bird – Scarlet Ibis at Caroni Swamp

Today is Wednesday 31st August, 2016. Independence Day. Our 54th Independence to be exact. We are still a relatively young nation, but we have accomplished a lot. I am proud to be Trinbagonian and I won’t have it any other way.

I claim my independence in my own life. My thinking, my feelings, my independence on my own happiness and freedom. My ability to live the life I deserve.

Tomorrow is September 1st. Where was I this time last year? It was the beginning of a wonderful journey with first my Trinidad launch then my book launch in Tobago. I’ve had a lot of exciting and rewarding experiences in both my personal and professional life and met a bunch of cool and interesting people. I have no regrets, only memories and lessons.

I know there’s much more that awaits for me and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

This September, take control of your life and destiny so you can truly claim your independence.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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