A sneak peek at The End!

Tonight I’m sharing a sneak peek from my latest book – she missed the boat on love…A collection of poetry I’ve been writing for the past 3 years.

Been sitting on it for a while and in July I finally decided to publish an e-Book. It debuted at #67 in the category of love poetry on the Amazon Best seller’s list on the Kindle store.

As I said before poetry wasn’t really my thing, but I tested it out on a few diverse beta readers and they could all relate. So hope you can too! Don’t forget you can get the entire collection on my Amazon store for just $2.99! Please do and post a review 🙂 Oh and share with your friends!

This one was written in May of this year. Here is The End. But is it really the end?! :/

Part I – Game Over

The End #2

I am okay, but it took some time

Myself I was able to find

In all the mess and confusion

Going on with this situation

Of not having and doing enough

To satisfy the craving for much

Of what I was living without for so long

And then when I wasn’t looking I found

That special feeling of confiding and sharing

Of coinciding and relying on that pairing

But what I learnt was that two people could share

Time, space, events and yet things still disappear

Like trust, sincerity, respect and love

Yes, you would think that all of the above

Would be a given considering the situation

But not everybody shares the same emotions

These things are not part of the equation

When one party is selfish and wants less than the other

For reasons you can’t explain or be bothered

To find the solutions to the problems

So instead you don’t try to solve them

But waste precious time filling time with a sham

Of meaningless episodes of nothingness that mask the calm

Before the storm and then it all explodes into everything

And nothing, until the end has less meaning than its beginning.

Poetry collection


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