Happy Sunday πŸ™‚

Just some food for thought. Today I’ll share a little personal story about what passion can do…how it can affect your life, those around you and the wider world. Circa 2008-2010.

The old saying is true…”if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

When I first graduated from secondary (high) school, my dream job was to pursue Journalism (really advertising but that’s a whole other story), but the field was very saturated with no room for “green talent” (though no one actually said that) or so it seemed at the time. Many doors were closed.Β 

I got my articles published here and there in a few small magazines, then my first article – a Japanese restaurant review was published in the Newsday’s Business magazine in 2005.

Then my “BIG BREAK” came when the recently deceased Woman Express Editor Angela Martin Turning 30saw my potential and published my first article ‘Turning 30’ with a huge life-size picture of me!

After that many persons (staff and managers) called and came up to me at work, I got calls and emails and texts from friends, colleagues and friends of colleagues and friends all over the country saying how much they could relate to my sentiments expressed in the article.

I thought I was just gonna do it this one time, but my co-worker at the time and now friend Nigel told me to continue writing. Best. advice. ever.

Ms. Martin continued to publish my articles on a sporadic basis whenever I sent them in (always with a life-sized photo!), until one day she began to call me on occasion to ask me if I had anything because the magazine had space.

Wow! She was a Godsent and the answer to my prayers.

For years after that everywhere I go (even in Tobago), someone seemed to “know my face” and comment that they had seen me in the paper and could relate to my writing and that it had helped them with a particular situation they were dealing with.

Fruits of Labour_pub Sep 2008I even received texts from people where our relationships were strained at the time, to tell me my article helped them deal with a particular situation.

My professor who taught me at the masters level even commented at the end of one of our classes with everyone present how my article Turning 30 made him reflect on his life!

Then my former loans officer at the bank revealed how another article made her think about her life in a deep way!

Double wow.

It seemed that I was able to relate to people of all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. It was amazing.

When I went online I saw that my articles had been shared through websites and social media. It was a very humbling honour to see this unfold. To say it was fulfilling is not even coming close to what that felt like. It was a dream come true, that my natural talent was helping so many people introspect and touch hearts.

I got my mojo back for writing and my love-affair with words began.


Those two years I contributed to the Woman Express were some of the best times of my writing career.Β 

I remember Sunday being my favourite day of the week. Every time I go for the paper, I would flip to the magazine and this huge grin would spread over my face as I read my words in print as if for the very first time.

This genuine soul even published features on me when I published my first book.

Thanks for this push in the right direction Ms. Martin. You belong with the angels.

May your soul rest in peace knowing that you made your mark, used your talents and heart to serve and touch countless lives during your journey on earth. I wish I had gotten to meet you in person.

IMG_20160821_021741I continued to write and today I have contributed and freelanced with several newspapers and magazines in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, the US and the UK including the Huffington Post.

Writing is my passion and heartbeat. I would do it even if I didn’t get paid and in fact did for quite some time. Today all these years later, almost everyone I meet in person or online has commented on how much my writing/talent has touched their lives in a very real way.

It is an amazing, amazing feeling when you have found your passion and it can elicit that kind of response. When I think about it, it really blows my mind. But not in a boastful way…more like, “Wow, I can’t believe it! Did I just do/write that? Thank you God for this gift and opportunity to help/inspire/encourage/entertain others and myself!”

Since then I have written 3 books with several more in train.

A new beginning- Jan 2009

Moral: Never give up on your passion.

It will make all the difference and light up your world taking you to places you only imagined.

It will fill in all those grey areas that seem bleak.

It will energize you and bring you hope, joy and love and those around you will feel it as well as they connect with your energy, heart and soul.

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