I met this young lady at a networking event earlier this year and her enthusiasm for life was contagious. She was like a ball of energy and excitement, yet with a caring and sensitive side which I later discovered when the going got tough and I was injured in a car accident. Chelsea checked on me almost every day without fail with her inspiring and emotional voice-notes which immediately cheered me up! Her concern was genuine as was her willingness to help and today we are now friends.

Prior to this I introduced the idea to feature her business and later attended her launch with no promises for publication (since that’s the nature of the business), however when her article was published her infinite gratitude nearly brought me to tears! 🙂 You can read her article in the Newsday here.

Chelsea, you are one of kind and I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you set your sights on. Best wishes with Belle Accessories and your life’s endeavours. Muah!


For Chelsea Deosaran, business is in her blood as she says she inherited the entrepreneurial gene from her father. A foreign language teacher for the past 5 years, Deosaran speaks three languages apart from English, including Spanish, French and a bit of Italian. 2016 is the year she decided to build her business brand of trendy accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, makeup, watches and clutches) while following her passion for teaching languages.

Entrepreneur Chelsea Deosaran at her business launch of Belle Accessories
photo credit – C.K. Correia Chelsea at her business pre- launch

It’s Saturday night and Chelsea is glowing as she is about to unveil her business line Belle Accessories at a private pre-launch for a group of loyal supporters before going public. In today’s times you cannot put all your eggs in one basket, you have to diversify your offering in order to survive comfortably,” she confidently says.

 The name Belle Accessories was derived from her love of languages. She lived in France for one year which also influenced the name. At the heart of it, she says Belle is the embodiment of female beauty in all its unique and multifaceted glory.

Beauty is not only on the outside, but on the inside and when you look good, you feel good and

photo credit – JPeters Images (c) 2016

Belle Accessories is tailed to make you feel good.

Let’s face it, a woman who looks good and feels good is unstoppable! This is the feeling I hope to inspire in women through my brand.”

Deosaran says Belle is also an acronym for, “Be elegant, be lovely, be luxurious, be exquisite…so we can evoke that feeling of beauty, looking beautiful and feeling beautiful.”

Belle Accessories sells imported fashion jewelry and accessories as well as some local, handmade jewelry.

However, in the future she plans on also selling unique pieces from Italy as well as real gold and silver pieces for those who are unable to wear costume jewelry. She will also be selling well known high end makeup brands, wallets, handbags as well as a men’s line.

photo credit – C. K. Correia (c) 2016

The young entrepreneur says that she doesn’t think the 7 % levy the TT government wishes to impose on online purchases in September is too bad.

However, in an effort to keep her products affordable for her customers and still make a profit, she plans to work around this by traveling more often for items to reach her target customers aged 17-40 in the first instance.But as her business expands and grows, she aims to cover all demographics.


Her business is different from the average jewelry store as it is online where you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your door (any home or business address in Trinidad and Tobago) for a small fee of $25 via TTPost.

Items can also be delivered to specific collection points starting in West Trinidad for only $20. The customer will have 4 options for payment: pay pal, cash on delivery, direct deposit or money order via TTpost ($3 to her postal address).

What makes her product stand out from her competition is the concept of Belle Boxes. For a fixed price, you receive a glossy black box with premier packaging containing 5-7 beautiful accessories based on a unique style profile of your choice. You will also receive a motivational quote card and a 10% off discount code on anything from the website. 

 Deosaran introduces Belle Boxes to distinguish her brand

The 4 style profiles offered are: Glam (statement pieces, rhinestone, bling), Dainty (minimal, delicate pieces), Boho (eclectic rustic and tribal inspired pieces) and Beauty (makeup and beauty accessories with one or two jewelry pieces). 

Deosaran explains that the customer will have an idea of what’s coming in the box based on the style profile they choose because you don’t see the items until they arrive!

On the website you will always see a photo of last month’s boxes. That way you can have an idea of the kinds of items you will receive. It’s like giving the gift of surprise to yourself and experiencing Christmas all year round!” she says enthusiastically.

 Apart from Belle Boxes, the Belle business brand aims to bridge the gap between business and client by creating a more interactive community through social media by showcasing customer photo styles on the website in a dedicated section, giveaways, sales, promotions and hosting pop up sip and shop events throughout the year.

Belle boxes – photo credit – C.K. Correia (c) 2016

There will also be an opportunity for local bloggers to write about inner and outer beauty, style and fashion and have their articles featured on social media.


photo credit – JPeters Images (c) 2016

Deosaran said she could not have done this without the help of her supportive parents, friends and of course her boyfriend Dominic Smith who built her sleek website where her items will be sold – www.belleaccessories.net

The teacher by day and business woman by night admits that it has been a long road and a bit stressful at times, “I trust that it will all be worth it in the end as I look back and say, Wow, I did it all!” Chelsea flashes her winning smile and I join her outside where the launch is in full swing.

For more:Facebook–belleaccessoriestt,IG@belleaccessoriestnt,Website- www.belleaccessories.net