15 lessons July has taught me

July is almost over and soon it will be August. What has July taught you?IMG_20160729_194754

Here are some nuggets I take with me going forward into the rest of the year:

  1. Some battles are just not worth fighting. Self preservation at all costs.
  2. Even though someone is not nice to you is no reason not to be pleasant to them. Fight to be the bigger person and you will see them rise to meet you (in normal cases)
  3. Everybody has their own ish going on. If they are silent, maybe there’s a reason. Just go back to your life and do you and let life happen. If they never come around then well maybe it’s just not worth saving.
  4. Always give others the benefit of the doubt first. Again just wait and let life unfold. Things are seldom what they seem. And the ppl who are quietest are maybe your biggest allies.
  5. Take failures as a learning curve. One failure does not define you. Know your strengths and weaknesses and choose to make it work for you in the best way possible.
  6. Value the people who are good to you. They don’t have to. They choose to because they want to. Don’t ever take that for granted.
  7. Life is volatile. Don’t ever take good health and abundance for granted. Don’t chalk it up to luck either. Your faith, thoughts and mindset radiates what happens in your life. Even if the bad stuff happens, your recovery and healing process will be lessened because of how you view and internalize the situation.
  8. Not everyone is gonna see your point of view. What’s important is being open to constructive criticism and not letting it faze you (towards your goals).
  9. Humility and gratitude opens the door to abundance.
  10. Everything is temporary, time takes care of everything. Just continue to do you and wait for the solutions.
  11. Every day is not gonna be picture perfect. Your life is not an episode of Happy Days.
  12. The world is NOT your personal refrigerator for satisfaction. Things are gonna go wrong sometimes, some people are not gonna like you. Heck some may even pretend to and then act a fool. The trick is learning to discern and treat with everyone and everything accordingly.
  13. You have the power to change any situation around in your favour. Just think it in your head, condition your mind to what you want, come up with a mental plan, refer to it often and wait for it to unfold….sometimes without effort. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE VERY POWERFUL
  14. Fear is your biggest enemy. Fear of what people would think of you. Fear of failure. Fear of change. Go talk to the people. Go try something new. Step out of your comfort zone and into your purpose and you will realize hey! People like me! This is not so bad…it’s kinda easy and fun! I’m good at this…People are willing to help me! And all the stars will align in your favour when your heart is in the right place!
  15. Don’t push yourself too much. Make time to eat healthy, drink lots of water, slow down, get enough rest, listen to your body and make time for the people and things you love.

Happy August….Just a few more months for the end of the year….Make a plan. Condition your mind and Make it Count!!

Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo

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