Are you operating under your full potential?

As a 17 year old, I remember reading books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach and the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and I’m amazed to know how some of those lessons became a part of my subconscious and stuck with me all these years later.

As an adult, Who Moved My Cheese, The Alchemist and The Dream Giver solidified my

This is the book a co-worker lent me in Tobago that changed my life and accelerated my leap towards entrepreneurship!

reason for being as I began to slowly explore my full potential and be all that I was meant to be in life.

I would have it no other way and could never settle for mediocrity in anything I do. Some aspects of my life may not be perfect, but my creativity, zeal and ambition to share what I have learnt have taken me to places I was afraid to go before…for fear of failure.

We are not made to be drifters in life. We were created to excel and share our talents in the most meaningful way to assist others.

I hear people complaining all the time about their jobs and their bosses and their co-workers and their lack of energy and time and adequate remuneration and I remember what that kind of life was like.

There was one time I enjoyed my professional working life, but I soon grew weary of the mundane. The routine and the fact that I was operating under my full potential made me severely unhappy, because I was not born to settle for an ordinary kind of life.

I know some of us are not born to be entrepreneurs because truth be told, it’s not an easy life (the hours are by far longer, the disappointments are devastating and sometimes the pay sucks). But we must find meaning in our work and love spending 8 hours a day and more doing what we were created for.

Our family and our social life are only a fraction of the equation that brings us real joy. A large percentage of our happiness comes from our job and fulfilling our purpose by sharing our talents and gifts. Our faith grows when we listen to the signs to follow our greater calling that may come in the form of people and situations.

Sometimes our fear or our level of ‘comfort’ makes us ignore the signs. We are always waiting on the ‘right time’ but the time will never be right unless you make up your mind to succeed at all costs. The beginning will be difficult but the rewards are sweet further afield.

The joy and peace you would feel from the kinds of experiences, the people you would meet and the lives you would touch are priceless.

Anybody’s guess what this audience member was telling me at my last Book Talk?! I looked like I was about to shed a tear! 🙂

If you think you don’t have a gift, think again. Everyone was born with one. No one was left out. Be still, look inside and ask yourself:

  1. What do I love to do above all else? Do I like to cook, sing, sew, talk, swim, teach, play an instrument or a sport?
  2. Does time stand still when I do this?
  3. Would I do it even though I didn’t get paid?
  4. Does tiredness mean nothing and I just keep on trucking till the job is done?
  5. Do I feel like I am walking on air…elevated…unstoppable…adrenaline pumping…energized and totally carefree when I am doing what I love to do?
  6. Do others gravitate to my energy?
  7. Do people benefit from and appreciate my beautiful gift enthusiastically and consistently?
  8. Does my talent seem to make almost everything I touch turn to gold?

Once you can answer these questions, you’re on your way to finding out what is your true calling in life. It’s not gonna be easy to discover this, but baby steps can enable you to create the life of your dreams.

I’ll be sharing more with you in the next few weeks and months, but for more tools you can check out my books and audio book at

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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