she missed the boat on love

We were taught once upon a time that “necessity is the mother of invention”…I was never one for poetry (even though I studied it at university, it just didn’t seem to appeal to me)…until 2 years ago when I started writing these poems out of a need to vent/purge.

What I found was, that not only can I actually rhyme (for more than 2 lines), but that other people of all ages, genders and spaces were able to relate. I was fearful of sharing this in the public domain, but my beta readers all told me to GO FOR IT!

So I wrote my last poem 3 days ago and then this happened >>

Poetry collection

Ladies and gentlemen, my new eBook is now available on Amazon. Special introductory price of USD2.99. Get it here. Get yours as a gift to that hidden part of yourself or someone you know. Oh and please post a review on Amazon!

Here’s what someone had to say:

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition

Lyn Correia, is an amazing author, she is witty and charming. Her writing style is simple and easy to follow, her books are not over dramatized they are lively..

I know it’s only been 1 day since I published, but here’s my Amazon Best Sellers Rank:


Dream Big. Love even if it hurts. Live life to the fullest!


Peace & Love,



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