How many times did you hit snooze this morning?

Happy 4th July to my North American neighbours!

It’s Monday hurray! Another week to transform your life. It’s nearing my bedtime, so I will keep this blog short and pointed. Before you skim past and miss the really good stuff, I’m gonna say this is not a promotional email. I share from the heart because based on the feedback I think everyone wants to live their best life.

Can I ask you something personal though? Do you hit snooze several times before you wake up most days? How do you feel when you first open your eyes to begin your day? Why do you even wake up each morning? Be honest.

Now record and monitor your answers over time. If it doesn’t change, then you need to do something different. Never say no, thousands of people just like you are doing what makes their heart sing every day. Yes, there are gonna be tough days, but once you have the support and are really passionate about what you do, there’s always a way.

alarm clock
photo credit – Camila Demasio.

I am not one for keeping up appearances. My friends tell me that’s what they appreciate about me…I’m frank and I don’t pretend to be what I’m not or make excuses. But in one of my past lives (jobs) I used to set my alarm an hour earlier just to make up for the number of times I would hit snooze.

I tried everything…placing my phone far away from my bed (just like the article I read said) so that I would be forced to get up when it alarms. Drink a glass of water before I go to bed (I even tried watermelon :). But nothing seemed to work. I would just roll over and get back beneath my oh so warm covers.

The truth was – the last few years or so, I didn’t like my job. I wasn’t fulfilled. There was no passion or love. I think I had a walking depression.

Why? Because I knew I had a deeper purpose – to utilize all of my talents and skills for the greater good – which is to make people happy and influence and shape lives.

At my next Book Talk I will be talking about how I am able to do this through my writing (which comes in different forms) and I will share success stories of people who I have profiled. People just like me and you but who are living their dream under the radar.

It fills me with delight to know that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve and more visibility they need to take their business and their brand to the next level.

These are some things I learnt in life which I will share with you at Sunday’s Book Talk & Jazz in Maracas Gardens, St. Joseph (Trinidad):

The abundance we seek can be found in the little things which we take for granted. You Printpossess that power within to create that life that you always wanted.

We know how to do it, but don’t- sometimes because of pride or ego or we’re just too busy trying to get through this thing called life.

I remember a funny story about that which makes me laugh out loud which I will share on Sunday!

We listen to the “noise” that gets in the way of our vision for ourselves. We settle for mediocrity because we doubt ourselves and our greatness.

Maybe it’s our culture or socialization or DNA that makes us afraid that people would say that we are showing off, perhaps because it makes them uncomfortable since we would be now one step closer to their level of perceived success or even surpass it. But success is relative. It’s different for everyone. I will also tell you why this weekend.

Or maybe it draws attention to what they envision for their life, but for some reason they can’t make that step or have been brainwashed to believe they can’t. I talk about this in my first book Thinking out Loud. We have to stop living for people. At the end of the day, people would do what’s right for them, so you gotta do what’s right for you, lest you get left behind.

And you deserve to be completely happy in all areas of your life and not just one or two areas or scratching the surface of your potential, fulfillment and abundance.

We surround ourselves with people who are not right for our vision and get sucked back into unhealthy situations because the “same old things” gives us a certain sense of comfort or predictability or we think we can’t do better. You get caught up in their mind games because you mistake this for something else. But it’s not what you think it is. Time to let go and attract some good things and people to your life! What you give off is what you will attract.

Other topics for discussion this Sunday, is how to find balance…will talk about how I found that in my second book How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours. And how to avoid what a lot of us as trinis have Obsessive Comparison Disorder!

You are worth more than you know. More than that dead end job that’s making you unhappy and undervalued or leading you to drink. (OK that was me:).

More than that rotten relationship that’s sucking your life force and energy and making you feel old (yes I said it!) and more than that dumb noise that comes in the form of negative people and situations that are telling you that you are not enough. You can read about that here in my article on the Huff Post. Newsflash> Ma Cherie YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN…ALWAYS WILL BE.

For tickets to this Sunday’s Book Talk & Jazz, please call Maria @ 374-7495 or email Laugh, share, engage with the activities, have some delicious tea, coffee and non-alcoholic wine and snacks, get your autographed copy of my books (and audio book), meet new people/make new friends/contacts, network, win some prizes from Angostura and more and have fun in a nice outdoor setting.

7+ more days to gooo! The countdown is on!

You can RSVP on the Event page here or read testimonials from the last event here!

Ok I lied. Another long blog! But I’m sure it was worth it? If you got to the end, leave me a comment below.

Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo


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