This article was first published on Thursday 12th May, 2016 in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday. You can read it here. (I’m so behind with my posting.) I met the wife-duo/owner of La Souce Environmental Designs just a few months ago through my former coach’s Facebook group Dynamic Business Strategist.

Indira has this humble persona that may appear unassuming, but she is a powerhouse all in her own realm: wife, mother, educator, business owner, brilliant mind! and I’m sure so much more. She’s passionate as she is willing to embrace life and people.

It was a pleasure to do this article and attend her GreenThumbTT event with my family. It was a delightful Sunday spent with family and new friends. (btw My mom still can’t stop talking about it! 🙂 ) I even won the best dressed prize and mum won the random door prize draw! Here’s to many more events of this nature! Congrats Indira and Carlson!

 You can read all about it here…

La Souce Environmental Designs, a landscaping company owned by Indira and Carlson Teloka hosted their first networking gardening event on Sunday 1st May, 2016 at Blue Range, Diego Martin. The husband-wife team offers landscaping services to both private and commercial properties, as well as design, construction, repair and maintenance of water features.

The concept originated after several years of difficulty in finding and retaining workers, the couple decided to diversify their product offerings to include workshops for beginners.

We originally offered 4 workshops, which were all fully booked at 25 persons and due to public demand, we organized two repeat workshops later on in the year. As a result of this overwhelming interest, we have decided to continue with our workshops and so the networking event ‘GreenThumbTT’ was borne.”

Photo credit - ArdenB photography - Audience looks on at GreenThumbTT event

Ha! Caught on candid camera…that’s me with my arms folded!

The networking event was geared towards participants, as well as home owners, landscapers, gardeners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts to meet, socialize, and share experiences. It’s the concept of business networking for gardeners and gardening aficionados. “We think this might be the first time something like this has ever been held in Trinidad and Tobago and it has exceeded our expectations,” Teloka says.

The guest speaker was environmental and community activist Gillian Goddard who focuses on creating human-scale local alternatives for daily life; especially entrepreneurial alternatives. She also founded Sun Eaters Organics, the first organic shop and cafe in Trinidad in 2006.

Goddard gave patrons an insight into organic gardening reminding us of the olden days when life was simple with the fruits some of us used to know and love.

photo credit - ArdenB photography - Vendor Angie's Orchids on display at GreenThumbTT event
photo credit – ArdenB photography (c) 2016

She stressed the importance of cultivating your own homegrown food and spoke about how you can transform any gardening space no matter where you live to plant, starting small with items such as herbs.

She also informed the audience on how to make your own compost heap and entertained questions from the audience on how to combat certain challenges such as pests etc.

Guests had the opportunity to meet and network with vendors including Yardie Décor, Oscar Francois, Angie’s Orchids, CAS Agricultural, Brew 2 U, The Cocoa Pod, mmm Sugar, Tropical Fruit Wines, Callelujah Ltd and Matthew Pascal – Cactus.

There were prize giveaways from Oscar Francois, Tropi-Mulch Mulch Blend, Hopedale Enterprises and Sun Eaters Organics as well as products on display and items for sample and sale (at specially discounted rates).

Photo credit - ArdenB photography -Indira and Calson Teloka looks on at prize giveaway by Oscar Francois in progress
Owners Indira and Calson Teloka coordinates a prize give-away by Oscar Francois

This included soups and light appetizers, cakes, wines, coffee and hot chocolate (even chocolate pepper!) from vendors such as Callelujah Limited, Brew 2 U Café, The Cocoa Pod and Tropical Fruit Wines, Mmm Sugar and Hay J creations.

Of course they could not have done this without their sponsors Green Thumb Gardens and Tropi Mulch Mulch Blend for the mulch, herb and vegetable plant giveaways.

The Teloka’s are grateful for all those who left their homes on a rainy Sunday afternoon to attend their first GreenThumbTT event.

While the rains were a bit of an inconvenience, it stopped just in time and overall the event was very successful…we could not ask for more.”

Photo credit – ArdenB Photography

For more: 303-1423/685-3018,, Facebook – La-Souce-Environmental-Designs


That’s Indria & I at my last Book Talk & Jazz at The Chancellor Hotel in April 2016 🙂 She won a free coaching session.