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It’s been a week since my last blog and as I heal from my accident, I thought I would be getting more rest, but I seem to be working more. Being home for a change I realized how much things I needed to catch up on…

Like unfinished articles, like follow up phone calls, unwritten letters, new business leads, defining my target audience and marketing strategy, research, more paid writing gigs, more emotional soul searching and cleansing.

I realized all these things simply can’t be done in just one or two weeks. I need to set aside specific times for each of these things each day in a nice quiet spot. For that to happen, I need to sit still and focus. I need to get back to meditating. I need to block out the noise. How many of us can truly say we have this down to a science? Blocking out the “noise” ie.

How do you do that though? First you have to identify your noise. Your noise is that little voice inside your head that says, maybe you can do this tomorrow, maybe you’re not ready yet, not talented enough, not experienced enough, you haven’t done this before, leave that for someone who has the right look or the right “talk” or the right contacts….

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Your noise are…those people that shoot down your idea once it leaves your lips. Who give you 101 reasons why you might fail, why you shouldn’t do X or why you should stay in your safety net and not take a risk.

Your noise are those people who tell you what others say about you or have said about you 10 years ago. Who remind you who you were or where you came from or why this product/job/business/man/woman is not for you.

Your noise is that sinking stinking feeling you feel deep down in your belly that travels upward to your heart and blocks the energy and love coming your way then goes to your brain, makes you depressed and tells you that you shouldn’t embark on this new project or really exciting event or situation in your life.

It tells you that you are not good enough and you don’t measure up. You don’t deserve this because you don’t fit in or look the part or hang with the right crowd. Your noise reminds you of the last time you failed, when you tripped on a stone and fell in front of everyone who laughed and pointed while you hid behind the guy in the really tall hat.

Your noise reminds you of the time you didn’t get the job or the client or the guy didn’t call the next day. Or the girl flat out ignored you. You know what? (And it’s mighty BIG what)…those things and people weren’t for you. That call didn’t mean anything in the grande scheme of things, because I’m sure you spoke to that guy again.


You know what else? Tell that NOISE to hit the road jack. Because what it didn’t tell you is about all the awesome positive people that support you and cheer you on. It didn’t tell you about the one person that sent you the most beautiful, tear jerking email thanking you for the work that you do and just being you.

Your noise didn’t tell you about all the wonderful people in your life that accept you for you, flaws and all and encourage you to push the envelope on the days that you get that sinking stinking feeling when you feel like letting go and giving up.

That dumb noise didn’t remind you of that time when you nailed that panel interview and got the job on the spot. Or when you booked that client on the first meeting.

Or the time when you locked eyes with that cute guy/girl at the supermarket who asked you out the very next day and you took home to meet ma.

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That noise didn’t remind you of all the times you sailed through the day without a care in the world, light as air knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose on this earth by helping others.

That Noise didn’t tell you that you are awesome just the way you are…flaws and all. And that you’re gonna make it and survive in this world just fine. And that your heart, soul and positive energy is gonna see you through to the other side of the rainbow because you deserve it.

Dear Noise,

Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need you after all. I rather be happy, than live my life in fear.

Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo

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