21 lessons I learnt from being pushed into the pool

Today I dreamt that I was pushed into a swimming pool with clear blue water. I was pushed because someone’s cell phone fell into the water. It happened in another country. In real life I can’t swim, but what was truly liberating and refreshing (pun intended) is that as I hit the water, I realized that I began to learn to swim.

I stayed afloat, swam around and reached for the cell phone which was elusive for a while then I eventually retrieved it and came out of the pool successfully. This is a fear that I tried to overcome several times, learning at several different pools with different instructors over the years.

(I still remember my first and favourite instructor Brent at the YMCA. I still remember the grin and looks of bewilderment on my Dad and best friend at the time faces when they saw me riding on his knee across the pool while attempting to tread water! lol)

But I digress.

After combing the net for a meaning, I stumbled upon several meanings ranging from travelling to another country with someone to either attend a wedding or with that person to get married…to improving health…to a healthy life.

pool girl 2
photo credit -Camila Cordeiro. http://www.unsplash.com

I then settled on my mother’s and I interpretation of the dream. She said it means that I would come out triumphantly with what I am battling with at the moment.

Last Tuesday I was involved in a vehicular accident. It was pretty bad. Everything started to move in slow motion as the other car crashed into my right side (car) and persons came to my rescue. Police, ambulance. Passersby. I had to be taken away by stretcher and rushed to the emergency room sirens and all. It was surreal. I never thought that would be me.

I’m grateful that I lived to tell the tale, but the process of healing starts from within. It’s a slow process as I am in a lot of pain. This experience has taught me something I’ve been preaching to my family. And that is “the power of life and death is in the tongue”.

I had such a bad month for the greater part of April that I sorta kept repeating that if God decides to take me tomorrow I would have no regrets. I was ready. Then I’d see my Dad again and my troubles will be over. It was a morbid re-occurring thought and utterance.

While I would never ever take my own life, I thought to myself that I had done and accomplished everything I wanted to in life already and I have already squeezed a lifetime of living into 37 short years on this earth. While everyone kept telling me there’s more living to be done, I was convinced that nothing could top these experiences.

life saver
photo credit – Stephen Di Donato. http://www.unsplash.com

But God gave me another reason to live. “There’s more work to be done,” he whispered as the car span out of control. While many thoughts crossed my mind while riding in the ambulance, I prayed that nothing seriously wrong was happening inside of my chest and I would live to tell this tale and learn the lessons.

The last few days I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and praying. Here’s my list of 21 lessons so far:

  1. Let go of things and people that no longer serve me
  2. Leave the past in the past and use the lessons for the present and future
  3. Know when enough is enough and mean it
  4. Know what you want from each situation and person and make your intentions clear from the start
  5. The power of intent is far reaching (thoughts are mighty powerful)
  6. Say what you mean and mean what you say and act the part
  7. Let you body and words be in sync
  8. Don’t lie to yourself
  9. Trust your own judgement
  10. Exercise more tolerance and patience with challenging situations
  11. Find a healthy way to release your tension
  12. Any emotion that keeps you awake/absorbs your time and energy is worth exploring
  13. Find a way to work through your emotions, because if buried it will resurface/fester
  14. Take care of your health and body
  15. Don’t take everything so personal
  16. Make healthy compromises
  17. Always seek opportunities for healthy two-way communication
  18. Work hard even when you don’t feel like it because tomorrow is promised to no one
  19. Strike a healthy work/life balance – too much of one thing is good for absolutely nothing!
  20. Money is not everything, but without it you have nothing (lol)
  21. All decisions are easy when you weigh the consequences

Through it all, I now know who are my true and genuine friends and I will never forget you. My sister and my friend Roxanne always say that I have way too high expectations of people.

Not sure if this is true, but I prefer honest, genuine energy in my inner circle at least. I don’t think there is room for fakers and dishonesty.

This just poisons your life and stunts your progress. There’s an entire chapter in my second book (How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours) devoted to this – Chapter 5: The Cold Harsh Truths.

It’s a continuous journey. Join me by following my blog on your top right or visiting my website – www.carolyncorreia.com or Facebook page here.

Peace & Love,

Carolyn x

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