We can make it if we try


It’s Sunday night…the day before a holiday in Trinidad and Tobago. I believe it’s also Memorial Day in the States. Hooray 🙂 Don’t you love it when you don’t have to wake up early the next day and you can just take your alarm off permanently?!

I’ve been procrastinating about the things I have to do lately. Even with all my to-do lists, motivation and guidance. Strange, but true! This ever happen to you? The good thing is I always get back on track. If you wanna know how I get around it, stick around and read more.

photo credit – Jeff Sheldon. http://www.unsplash.com

Work and sing

First of all, I have to work to music. (Every now and then I even break out in song :D) It’s like energy food. So Scorpions greatest hits and ballads have been on repeat for most of today and yesterday and I have been belting out “Here I am” very loudly and unabashed.

From time to time I sneak in a little Billy Joel, Prince, The Police, U2, Queen, Randy Crawford, Adele, Earth, Wind and Fire and Keyshia Cole. Yeah, I’m eclectic like that. You must find your fix, whether it’s music, (healthy) snacks, television on low volume in the background, sounds of water and birds or complete silence.

Take a (kit-kat) break

Secondly, every few hours I would stretch my legs, go talk to someone in real, on the phone or on Whatsapp. Maybe get a cup of tea (or wine) and sit on the porch or stand and watch the amazement of nature as it unfolds (so beautiful and inspirational). You also need to refuel (with food) every few hours as your brain and body are burning calories while you work.

Pen it and don’t compare

Social media can be the devil. It can be good in small doses if you use it the right way for a specific purpose. But you may go online to do one thing, then get caught up in a post that has gone viral or a ‘friend’ posting a pic of their car, or cat, or baby, or at some party or some big win in their business or career or relationship. Yeah you know the ones.

Before you know it, you’re “liking” and “loving” everything on Facebook, until your fingers wear out your mouse and you hope no one’s tracking your history of likes in the past 15 minutes from the side bar.

Then after an hour you find yourself back for more emotional abuse as you find yourself comparing and wishing and wanting a small portion of another person’s life or perceived success or happiness. One easy solution: go on your profile or your computer and just surf and scroll.

Cos you know what? Nothing is ever what it seems and gosh darn it, you’ve got a good life too! Your accomplishments, milestones, happy moments and blessings have been continuously overflowing (in case ya didn’t realize).

And you know what else? You may not know it, but someone else out there is secretly wishing they had your life. So be grateful, humble and patient. This opens the door for more abundance.

girl on beach
photo credit – Zack Minor. www. unsplash.com

Conversations with God

Third I pray and meditate a lot. Not as much as I want to but it works. I try to think positive thoughts and push out the negative ones and negative people (because Lord knows there are lots of those).

I repeat in my mind what I want to see materialize in my life and in what time frame. I think about who I want in my life and why. What I want my business to be like. What I want my health and fitness goals to be like.

In this way I solve problems, answers come to me out of nowhere (the Divine really) and all the little missing pieces of the puzzle emerge like a dream! Some take longer to happen, but all in perfect timing (God’s timing is always on time).

Think positive thoughts and wait for it to unfold

I was just telling a friend that in January I thought about something I wanted to happen by the end of May and boom…it didn’t happen exactly to the letter, but I got my wish on Friday night.

It was a crazy thought and a crazy wish, but I pictured and imagined it down to the last detail and it’s true: be careful what you ask for, because as the saying goes, you just might get it.

So as I said in my last book talk, your thoughts are very powerful. Guard them and be careful what you think, because it manifests in your life. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the mind.

I’ve come a long way baby

If someone was to tell me say 8 years ago while I was at my ‘nice’ secure day job that I Arnoldwould move to Tobago, then move back to Trinidad and start my own business I would have said, “What you talkin ’bout Willis!?”

With all this other stuff under my belt and not even 40 yet, it feels like a dream at times.

Being published and featured in several newspapers and magazines globally, 2 books published, appearing on talk shows and speaking to audiences both locally and in the US and getting my masters degree was never in my game plan.

In fact I don’t even think I had a plan. These things just sorta fell in to place impromptu…Once I make a decision, I just run with it and most times it works out perfectly. My second book however was planned and inspired (and encouraged) by my Dad.

photo credit – Drew Hays. http://www.unsplash.com

Yet sometimes I still find myself comparing (I told ya social media is the devil), but then I say to myself, Carolyn, you don’t know how much work or sacrifices that other person went through to get where they are. You don’t have their opportunities (that they may have created) or exact talents and abilities as they do. You don’t know their insecurities or trials or tribulations.

But what you do in fact have girl, is your unique set of opportunities, gifts and talents to create abundance. Make it continue to work for you!

There will always be someone who is doing more than you, but once you work hard, you will get what’s yours in time. So forget about everyone else and just do you.

But seriously, my life is not absolutely perfect in all areas and like most people, there are things I need to work on, but it’s close and grows daily.

My friends can attest, there’s never a dull moment in my world on the personal and professional side and most times I always accomplish what I set out to do.

And the funny thing is that I don’t think I am even giving it my all, so I say to myself, “Self, imagine if you did! Get it together and make stuff happen!!”

This usually works – The self-talk. Sometimes yourself don’t always listen right away. You would always find things to distract you from your goals. Life gets in the way sometimes. But slow down, take it one day and one moment at a time.


photo credit – Wynand van Poortvliet. http://www.unsplash.com

What do you really want?

Be still and figure out what exactly you want…from that job, from that person, from that hobby, from that place. Until you figure that out down to the last detail, as we say in trini, “you are spinning top in mud” …just passing time and going through the motions without a clear plan.

Do you just wanna visit that place and take some cool pictures? Or do you want to make your mark, do something historic or memorable or make some valuable connections that would endure?

What do you want from this person? Just have fun and enjoy each moment? Or is there a future – can you picture waking up with them every day of your life in the good times and the bad? Is this what they want? Are you two compatible on all levels? Is there honest communication?

Is this job or career fulfilling? Do you look forward to waking up every day to go to work? Are you using all of your God-given talents? Is your work impacting lives? Do people thank you and appreciate your work? Are you happy doing what you do each day?

There’s me, living out one of my fantasies at my last Book Talk. It was over the world amazing to get that kind of response from the audience. Wow!!!

The choice is ours…This thing called LIFE! Can be the most amazing thing in the world. It’s all up to you how you look at it. You have the potential to make your life rock!

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that come your way. BE PRESENT FOR THE PRESENT! Weigh your options, if it feels right in your heart and soul, run with it and don’t tell a soul. And don’t look back….

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Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo

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