Are you scratching the surface?

Whoever thought they’d be where they are today? Show of hands! Wait…I can’t see you, but seriously life is never planned. However it’s always right on time. Whether you want to believe that is a totally different story. But things are always a matter of perspective.

As I write these words, I’m thinking that’s easy for me to say because I don’t always take my own advice. But the mere fact that I can think of this and type this with ease, means I have a plan and even the best of us fall short at times.

We all mess up, make mistakes, have weak moments, lose our cool and have those deep, dark fears and insecurities just like every other human being on this planet.

None of us are perfect. So don’t believe anybody that tells you that they have this life thing all figured out. We are all learning day by day, moment by moment …until the day we die.

The important thing is self-awareness. Being aware of all of the above…where you fall short, what you need to work on and working on it! When we have that ability to step outside of ourselves and own up to our foibles and perceived mistakes, then we know there’s hope and we’re on the right path.

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We must remember that we are not a bad person to make mistakes…even if you make the same one 99 times each day.

What’s important is that you try and try harder each day to take baby steps towards improvement.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially if it’s a learnt behaviour due to socialization or upbringing.

Learn to forgive yourself and know that no man can judge us, because that’s just hypocritical, since everyone sins differently.

Only our Creator can judge us and that’s between us and Him. No one else.

What’s clear and transparent is the forgiveness and blessings that He allows to manifest in our lives regardless of our transgressions.

This is not a religious blog, but I must say that I am a very spiritual person who’s faith has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. I am not here to force my beliefs on you either, but through my sharing you will be able to see how my faith has worked and continues to work for me.

My books and talks are about living my passion and purpose and living the life I was created to live….that everyone was made to live if they only believe. Without knowing it, we all believe in SOME-thing. Something that drives us to push further and survive despite the odds.

But life is too short and beautiful just to merely survive. We want to soar above the ordinary and LIVE OUR BEST LIFE. Otherwise we are just drifting in the wind, without direction or purpose and just scratching the surface with our talents and passion….simply existing.

Folks, life doesn’t always give you what you ask for. But with the right mental conditioning you can transform all those perceived “bad experiences” into blessings.

When you strive to do this, there will be no regrets, no hangups, embarrassments, mistakes, faux paus, comparisons, inadequacies, could have’s, should have’s or what if’s.


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Why? Because you will know and feel in your heart that you are exactly where you are for a reason. You will learn the lessons.

Those experiences, disappointments, heartbreaks, falls, failures, perceived disasters needed to happen to take you to this moment right here and prepare you for your future. Without them, you wouldn’t be the person you are now. (And you know what? that person is fabulous!).

Don’t cry because it’s over…celebrate because it happened and it gave you rich experiences and memories. Those memories won’t fade or be tainted no matter what…they’re yours for the rest of your life. It’s all a matter of perspective once you look at it in just the right light.

Don’t hold onto the past either, know when to move on because the future is ready and waiting for you to behold. And it’s like nothing you have ever experienced. Wait for it….and be ready when it comes lest it pass you by unawares.

Life is what you make it. It’s not always what you expected…but you know what? It’s better. It can be even better with faith. Stay in this moment, revel in it for all its worth and make it count!

Join me on Sunday 26th June for a very special afternoon of book talk, jazz and conversations if you’re in Trinidad. Email – for more or to reserve your spot.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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