When enough is more than enough

Ever had that feeling that you are not doing enough?

And that while you’re sleeping or at that party or barbecue one of your peers are getting ready to take over the world?

Mike Kenneally
photo credit – Mike Kenneally. http://www.unsplash.com


Or as soon as you shut down your computer/pack away your tools and your head touches the pillow, you remember that one thing you promised your mom or your friend, or boss, or client or great aunt Matilda?

The thing is, there will always be more things to do…more to create…more to see..more to LEARN

The secret lies in planning your day and prioritizing the things that really matter

Without planning, you will never remember them all

Without prioritizing, you will never get to the really important stuff first

In fact, you may end up doing the little things first (like poking your friend on Facebook, feeding the cat, bathing the dog, buffing the tail lights on the car or wasting valuable time WhatsApp’ing and Instagram-ing your life away

And leaving the mighty big and important things for last. Like paying your car insurance, going to the bank, taking your mom to the doctor, picking up your child in their school work (or from school), writing that proposal or letter (to bring in the dough), beginning that power point presentation or sending your client their invoice for this month!

A word of advice (okay several words): Stop procrastinating, stop comparing, stop expecting and waiting for validation (from your boss, your spouse, your parents, your friends, the WORLD) and for goodness sake put down the phone!! Just DO YOU and be the BEST at it!

This goes for people in your life too.

You need to prioritize the ones that deserve first and second place. Make a list of your family and friends, study them over time and what they mean to you and have brought to your life over the years.

Korney Violin
photo credit – Korney Violin. http://www.unsplash.com

If it’s mostly pain, strife, fear, insecurity, animosity, comparison, resentment and negativity…if you get an uneasy feeling whenever you talk to them, then they should go lower on your list (if only to preserve the state of your mental health and facilitate your progress in life).

However if it’s the opposite: joy, laughter, peace, constructive advice, encouragement, support, motivation, love, precious time or just that feel good energy and positive vibes that you feel in your belly whenever you are near them, then woohoo you’ve got a keeper! Don’t let go!

Relationships (all types) are darn hard work to keep and maintain! Consider how you treat each of these people and why. Get to the core of the matter. Be your own shrink. Discover what makes you do and say the things you do. The first step is discovery and acknowledgement and then decide who needs to be where in your life.

If you manage to hold on to these relationships for decades, wow, you’re pretty special to have people love you unconditionally and you must be doing something right.

Everyone deserves a second chance and forgiveness is key in life (so is self-preservation), but three strikes and you’re bordering on abuse and the game should usually be over, but the decision is yours especially if it’s family.

Hey I’m learning as I go along. Wow! I think I just found a way to solve half my ‘problems’

Practice makes perfect.

Let the blessings flow.

Stay tuned.

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Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


  1. Hey Carolyn, you nailed it again. How did you get in my head. Just this past week I have been saying I have to plan my day and week and stick to it. Also I need to stay clear of the negative words I have been receiving from one living in my home. I will change my attitude knowing it is only his opinion and does not reflect who I really am nor what I can achieve.


  2. True words Ramona. Acceptance is key. Once you know who you are inside and out and accept all of you – flaws and all, people would be attracted to your energy in spite of this as they see the real you deep down, because you would be magnetic radiating positive, ‘authentic’ energy.


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