Let’s talk about books and dispel the myth

Hey Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a great Saturday. Let’s dispel the myth right now that books and reading are boring.

Nature-invite-CarolynMy book talks are aimed at bringing my story to life in a fun (and even funny way—so I’m told!)

But it’s not only ‘my story’ ….it’s also your story,
your mom’s story,
your sister’s story and
even your brother’s, significant other’s and best friend’s too.

So many people have told me they can relate to what I’ve written in those pages of my 2 books and this in itself is all the reward I need for my sweat, sacrifice and sleepless nights burning the midnight oil all those months and years I worked on the manuscript.

It’s about taking a deep, brutal look within and figuring out what you want out of life and knowing yourself inside out

It’s about not settling for second best or a half way lived life and waking up with regret one day and realizing that you missed the best parts

It’s about figuring out what your talents are to be shared with the world that only you can

It’s about making a difference and impacting lives through your life’s work and finding ultimate fulfillment through it

It’s about honouring the people in your life that have made sacrifices for you and showing them how much you appreciate them

It’s about forgetting the naysayers and this illusion of perfection and just doing YOU!!!!

There’s lots of talk about authenticity these days. But what does this really mean to be authentic?

It’s about being genuine. True to yourself. Honest about your flaws and owning up to them.

Not trying to be perfect or conforming to anyone else’s standards.

It’s about measuring your success by creating abundance in your life and touching another life through your gifts, your time or just by being you.

Not comparing yourself to anyone else’s journey or standards of success

It’s about realizing you are a work in progress, owning up to your mistakes, being penitent and striving for improvement.

And I did not google that. I tell no lies! LOL

Learn more and have a chance to chat one on one with me and other members of the audience on Sunday 26th June.

I love questions.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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