I’ve decided to resume my more-than-once-a-week blogging habit. Not because I have another event coming up (because if that was the case I would have started weeks ago). But because the more I get feedback from my writing and my books, I feel that I am doing something worthwhile.

I walked into a computer store last week and I met these 2 guys with whom I couldn’t help but share some quotes from my books. After all, I was super pumped after having just finished a Book Talk at the library around the corner (more on that in another blog). One of them asked me if I knew about Earl Nightingale.


Now, I only heard about the work of Mr. Nightingale after I had written my speech for my last Book Talk in April. I was rehearsing it ad lib one evening with a friend who happened to be in the neighbourhood to do business and I cornered him long enough to listen to me :D.

He rolled his eyes and said, “You would be just fine, what are you worried about? Have you listened to The Strangest Secret? You share a lot of those philosophies written all those years ago by Earl Nightingale, it’s amazing.”


When he left, that very night I downloaded the Strangest Secret and boy oh boy it changed my life. I think Earl even solved some of the dilemmas I was battling with at the time. And It was true. A lot of things the author said, I have been saying for years without even knowing who he was.

And I noticed something else some years ago from reading the blogs of other well established bloggers like Marie Forleo, Maxie Mc Coy and Mastin Kipp. We all share the same philosophies on living your passion and purpose as if we have this special secret or not-so-secret code to the same club. Well kinda if you know what I mean.

I have thought like this from ever since I could remember and it comes so naturally to me. But I guess everyone has their own unique manner of expressing these thoughts and gifts which makes our messages resonate with different audiences.

I know I am on the right path. I may not sing kumbaya or fit into a particular mould of perceived perfection, but I measure my blessings by the abundance I keep attracting to my life.

In my talks and writing I tell you the honest truth, I don’t cover up or pretend to be perfect. I admit that I am a continuous work-in-progress. I expect people to be stunned by this revelation, but instead they tell me they are glad because I am so ‘real’ and some of them want to talk with me one-on-one. Some I’ve even become friends with.

Double wow.

All this to say that I measure abundance by my ability to continue attracting positive people and situations to my life and my connection to the Divine which allows me to harness my continuous supply of inspiration to benefit both myself and other people. I love that I can do this despite my foibles. It’s what keeps me up at 2: 54 in the morning!

The art of attracting abundance is not something forced, rehearsed or planned. It’s got no special formula or magic elixir. It’s a way of being…as natural as breathing. It’s a natural flow in accordance with your spirit and your connection to your Creator or belief system. You can however learn to let it work in your life by observation, introspection, meditation and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I can only tell you what works for me.Β 

Stay tuned.

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Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo