Happy Birthday Papa and Happy Mother’s Day Mama

Hi there….Happy May Day. Ha! Get it May Day?! Tee hee ๐Ÿ™‚

You know life is funny like that. Feelings are fleeting. We were never made to stay in one spot for too long. You gotta keep moving. Find your ‘sweet spot’ so to speak. Do what makes you happy and be around the people that make you happy. Even if it’s the people that drive you crazy and make you do and say crazy things (More on that in time).

You would think today would be a sad day for me since it would have been my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 years young! Awwee. But funny enough I am not sad. Not even in the least. Weird huh? I know! I can’t even explain it.


April wasn’t such a good month for me as I was telling the ladies in the Book Club last Tuesday in terms of energy, feelings etc. I was very demotivated and even sad at times. But something changed along the way and thank God for that!

At this time, I am thankful for the things I do have.

Good memories of him and with him doing all the things he loved and hearing him say it over and over again. It brings light to my days when I do miss him and feel down. It makes me smile when I read it within the pages of my second book which I am glad I documented for all eternity.

I am also glad to learn more and more people can appreciate what I’ve written and it has helped them in some way as they openly shared with me.

I am thankful that he got to see me live my passion and dreams and I got to witness how proud and supportive he was of me. That is beyond words priceless and warms my heart and soul. It’s a memory that I will carry with me to uplift me all the days of my life.

I know I wasn’t a perfect daughter…but who is? I know in spite of this (and my many spoilt tantrums!) he loved me no less. His love was unconditional like Christ if I can be so bold to say that.

My Dad wasn’t perfect either, but his imperfections seem insignificant when compared to his strengths. When you can achieve that in someone’s eyes — when your flaws don’t matter, then you’re pretty much flawless in my eyes.

He was perfect in all the ways that matter to a child – selfless, compassionate, giving, empathetic, patient, slow to anger, always had a listening ear – you could go to him with anything…even those very personal female things (that I could not even tell my mom), always gave good advice. My Dad was King and I hope he’s resting peacefully with the King of all Kings.


Tomorrow is also Mother’s Day…always follows my Dad’s birthday so it was a double celebration at our house.

I am grateful that my mother is still here to share at this special time in my life.

Although we don’t always see eye to eye, I know she’s here for a reason and I try to let her enjoy the things I could not do if I was employed in an 8-4.

Like a midweek getaway to Tobago or a midday escape to the seaside or coffee shop or countryside.

Things are not always perfect, but life is a work in progress. You learn each day. Patience and tolerance are key. Without it you have nothing.ย 

I am thankful for my friends, meetings and greetings with them, laughs and hugs, advice, the opportunity to uplift others with my talents, the ability to transform most situations into something positive, the ability to use technology and talk to clients far away or my sister (and other family) thousands of miles away in a different time zone and have her impart some very solid advice that I am now more mature to appreciate.

I am thankful for the forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance and appreciation of all those special people in my life that I have come to know and love and vice versa even if I don’t talk to them every day. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. They make the bad days bearable and the good days over the top amazing. I love them more than they know.

Happy Birthday Papa and Happy Mother’s Day Mama.

Thank you for bringing me into this world and all the sacrifices you have made for me. I know that my presence in this world was not by accident. Forgive me as I grow out of my childish ways and strive for wholeness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers all around the world. Condolences to all who have loved and lost parents. May you find the strength and peace of acceptance.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Papa and Happy Mother’s Day Mama”

    1. Thanks…it comes and goes. Life is so fluid. Today may be good and it can all change the very next day. But it’s good to acknowledge the feelings fully when they come.

      I believe this gives us our catharsis (purge of emotions) so we are able to truly move on and not dwell on it so as to experience what’s to come in all it’s glory.


  1. Very nice read. I praise God everyday that I still have my n=both parents with me but this has sealed it for me that I NEED to still spend more time with them before that time is no longer available.


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