This blog is the first one I’ve done in the daytime for a long time. It’s a rainy day here in these parts – a refreshing change to the weather we’ve been having.

Last week the world lost 2 great souls…maybe several more that we don’t know about. One was local Roman Catholic priest Father Hezekiah and the other was Prince. An artist that I have always loved – probably one of my all time favourites.

I posted to social media the day he died as I remembered singing along (at top volume) to his song made popular in Pretty Woman – “Kiss” while on a drive down Chaguaramas Bay last Christmas. My friend sitting next to me wanted to know if I had lost it, but I told him that’s what good music does. It makes you lose your inhibitions as you let the music soothe and heal your soul.

All weekend long I’ve been binge watching Prince videos and awards and interviews that weren’t available in abundance until after he died. How weird is that? I remember searching for his songs on YouTube last year and to no avail…probably only found one.

People are intrigued by these artistes and flock to their concerts and shows, but it’s really not an easy life. It’ requires a lot of energy, time and talent to do what they do. Sometimes a lot of pain, anxiety and mental torture to produce these albums, books and creations.

Motivation is something real. Depression is real. Not imagined. I’ve battled with it for a few years in my youth. Now I still have to fight some days to prevent myself from drowning.

photo credit – Kamesh Vedula.

I’m not by any measure comparing myself to these ‘celebrities’, but some days are great and I am usually the life of the party so to speak, but as I always say, you never know what really happens with a person when the doors are shut to the outside world.

So many variables come into play and varies from person to person. Finding that work life balance and knowing when to disconnect is a science.

Like letting go and shutting the door on the past.

Getting over the loss of a loved one.

Finding the right career.

Making your career or business a success.

Avoiding obsessive comparison disorder.

Staying positive in a world where it’s so hard to do so.

Depending on your mental capabilities and genes, it’s sometimes difficult to block out the negative thoughts despite all the positive things happening in your life. But you gotta fight like your life depended on it. Why? Because it can all change tomorrow.

Life is so dynamic that one event, thought or person can set off a whole positive chain reaction of chemicals in your brain and events to help you change your mindset and make a positive difference in your life.

It may all change again the very next day, but you have to believe that life is soo much more than one moment or one circumstance or thing or person. These are all fleeting events that heals itself in time with enough emotional conditioning and channeling of the mind. Having the right people around you and educating yourself is a giant step in the right direction.

When you touch other lives with your gifts and fulfill your purpose here on this earth, it is the most priceless gift and feeling you can give to yourself and others.

It may be all the difference the world needs.

Feel free to comment below if you can relate or have any thoughts.

Until next time,

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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