Spoken Word and Beyond 1

I interviewed this talented young lady a couple weeks ago and she filled me with so much pride and admiration. I wish I had half of her courage and passion at that age!

This article was published last week in T&T’s Newsday. Read it here first: http://www.newsday.co.tt/features/0,225867.html

Taking spoken word to new heights
By Carolyn K Correia Monday, March 28 2016

CHRISTIAN spoken word Artist Rinisse Lord Walker says spoken word was in her blood from an early age. Her passion blossomed from her love for reading and writing, the latter which began when she was nine-years-old.

“My mother always bought me books and I started making jottings from this early age. It started with poetry which led to spoken word.”


At 11 she got the courage to perform her first poem at church. The 22-year-old says her confidence has grown over time as she performed for more audiences.

She recalls one of her first performances as a student of Bishop’s Anstey High school, “It was a very exhilarating feeling to have teachers, students and parents all cheering me on in the audience.”

Lord Walker who strives to be the best, did a lot of research as she aspires to one day represent TT internationally. She said her early influencers were her mother who writes about daily life and her primary school principal at Eniath’s Prep who was a stickler for creative writing.

The late Dr Myles Monroe also helped to discover her purpose when she attended one of his conferences at the Hilton when he visited TT.

“I love the work of Shakespeare especially the Merchant of Venice and I wish to modernise this in my spoken word by telling people what they want to know about life.”

She also admires the work of the Passion 4 Christ Movement – Ezekiel and Janette who she says can embody a good piece within three to 10 minutes.

The young entrepreneur is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and plans to move even further outside her comfort zone to plan more activities, competitions and publish her first book of poetry.

Her business HeartSpeakz International Ltd is a company designed to inspire, empower and educate people of TT and the world over through spoken word and motivational speaking.

The aim is to assist them to fulfill their God-given purpose. She explains how the name was chosen, “I have this penchant for hearts and HeartzSpeaks international embodies one heart speaking from the heart to many hearts and I also plan to take my art internationally.”

IMG_4179 - Copy
Me & Rinisse

Once of the challenges she has encountered however, is the need to work twice as hard to show people who you are and what you do, due to the lack of an abundance of creative entrepreneurs in TT.

Lord Walker says because of this; it is even harder to penetrate the market.

The young artist is having her first concert on April 30, entitled “Spoken Word and Beyond 1”.

The concert designed to celebrate spoken word and National Poetry month will be held at the Malick Youth Facility.

“As I did my research, I found that there were a lot of spoken word competitions, but no concerts, so that’s how my idea was born.

On April 30, there will be spoken word, poetry, dance, drama and song which I hope to continue every year.”

Lord Walker also held her first spoken word workshop in August 2015 and two participants who were selected will be performing at her concert next month.

The theme Fill me up Lord was inspired by listening to a song on YouTube one night as she was led by the Holy Spirit to click on one of the suggestion bars. “Although I had a totally different theme in mind, I allowed the Lord to lead me,” she fondly recalls.

What is her aim you may ask?

“I want to help others find their life’s purpose by sharing the word of God through my poetry… I want to change lives.”

For more info: 308-5594, 686- 5830 or email rinissel@gmail.com



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