Saturday 2nd April, 2016 was another night I shall never forget. My first ever Book Talk & Jazz was an amazing, thrilling experience. By the looks on everyone’s faces, comments, sharing and laughter that filled the room, I would say it was a huge success._TEV8745

The Chancellor Hotel was a beautiful venue and the prizes from my sponsors enhanced the evening making it even more fun.

My Jazz singer Patrice Inglesbirth took everyone’s breathe away with her beautiful, soulful original pieces. But when she sang the Italian number, I think that’s when we fell completely under her spell!!

At first it seemed to be a case of Murphy’s Law because everything that could go wrong seemed to be going wrong.

It was a quarter to six and my ushers weren’t there, I needed guidance on how to set up the room and my marketing friends and coach weren’t there yet. The photographer got lost and my jazz singer was late! lol But all’s well that ends well. Everything came together beautifully and I could not ask for more.


I shared with the audience personal stories and motivation about various topics relating to my two books on how to create abundance in your life…your definition of success…the law of attraction…how to identify your true gifts and talents and find fulfillment through your life’s work.

I talked about how to set goals and stick to it, taking risk, how to eli_TEV8850minate fear and negative thoughts and much more.

I’ve attended events by both local and foreign speakers where they made the audience laugh and kept everyone engaged and I always wondered how they did that. Now, almost without effort this is happening to me! I can’t believe it.

For more than an hour I spoke totally ad lib and I actually remembered what I had to say!

There were no long pauses or breaks except for the jazz and short book readings and I felt my spirit soar as I scanned the audience, but found not one bored pair of eyes!

Each person I spoke to afterwards walked away inspired and were glad they came. When I tried to thank them, they kept thanking me and any thought of throwing in the towel after this event was quickly dispelled.

Some folks said it touched them in a special place. One young lady even said she had to fight back tears. Ohemgee…this is all a bit overwhelming and emotional to me that my dreams are coming true so soon! 


Thanks to my business coach Adanna Austin – I like to call her my dream weaver. She believed in me and made me see the bigger picture allowing me to change my mindset and eliminate the negative self-talk and self-imposed limits that were keeping me back from living my dream no holds barred.

The Law of Attraction is certainly at work. Everything fell into place like a dream.

Door prizes FUN!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you attended, if you brought a guest, if you contributed in some way or even if you were looking on from afar and were throwing a little confetti in your living room.

I appreciate you! *Hugs*


What’s more, I proved to myself I can do it and I made a difference in someone’s life by sharing my own.

We must all find our special purpose and strive to fulfill it before our time here is done.

I will help you and show you how I did it.

Until next time…

Do enjoy the photos…you can view the entire album here.

Stay tuned…the journey is now beginning!!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

Making New Friends!


My Jazz singer Patrice & I


My coach Adanna Austin & I