Hi again!

It’s 4+ days to my Big Event! My first ever Book Talk & Jazz at The Chancellor Hotel THIS Saturday! Whoohoo (: 🙂

I’m doing all sorts of cartwheels.

Firstly I want to say a HUGE and equal THANKS to the following organizations that have ‘blasted’ my event flyer and message away: Paradise Pulse (lifestyle magazine), SHOUTBLAST, The Association of Female Executives (AFETT) and of course thank you to The T&T Chamber of Industry & Commerce!! I’m emotional by all the support as I type this!

For a minute there I was sweating, but then I realized…Carolyn, what’s the worse that can happen?! Once you can answer this question in every scenario, my friends…you’ve just solved the million $$ question.

I’ll bet $5,000 on door #2 ladies and gentlemen.

The door to success and the life you always dreamt of lies in YOUR HANDS AND YOUR HEAD and on Saturday, I’ll share what I learnt with you.

In life we go through all sorts of life changes and set backs. People change. We change. Circumstances change and reverse and flip back and forth several times.

But the ones who come out on top, are the ones who NEVER let the disappointments stop them.

They roll with the punches and punch back HARD

Dust themselves off EACH TIME…and GET UP again

Take all the criticisms and “NO’s” and find a way to transform them and

Come out BIGGER, BETTER and STRONGER than before.

No one’s gonna break their stride because you are MORE THAN ENOUGH!

As we say over here, “out and bad…we ready!!”

I personally thrive on risk and I’ll share how I made this work for me and how it paid off ten fold. But at the end of the day, Saturday is not about me…

It’s about you and igniting a spark in your mind and a passion in your heart to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!

Now, a word from my sponsors: 

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to unload my bag of goodies and that moment just happens to be now.

You heard about the first prize some weeks ago, which is a free coaching session with only THE BEST coach to take you and/or your business to the next level.

If you’re attending or still on the fence, get ready to win some nifty treats.

10% off website development from NOB IT Solutions, 

A FREE coaching session from Marketing Dynamics,

A FREE make-up session from Make Up by Mimi,

A FREE book from moi! HIC Omega Consulting.


NOB IT Solutions will be sponsoring 10% off website development. Founded by Natalie O’Brien who is a pioneer in her own right, you won’t want to miss out on this great deal to havenob_it_solutions_logo a pretty cool website like this. She’s even building her very own business intelligence software.

Natalie aims to be the Microsoft of the Caribbean. #WomanPower This girl is going places…if you think I’m kidding, you can read more about her fascinating journey here.

Make up by Mimi is sponsored by an artist with over 15 years experience in graphic design on her own and with advertising agencies in Trinidad. She has done the make-up for Carnival, weddings, glamour shots and lots more for Studioworks Limited. She is responsible for my make-up that you see on my website and artwork for this event.


This is a perfect gift for your wives and girlfriends and the perfect opportunity to get a glamour shot or family portrait at Studioworks Limited which is a stone’s throw away from The Chancellor Hotel. You can also read about one of the most fabulous best kept secret studios here also responsible for my photography seen on my website.

MD logo 2 - Copy

Of course just a reminder about my 3rd sponsor Marketing Dynamics who will be offering a free coaching session. You can read about that here.

That’s it folks…the long awaited PRIZES!

Are you ready??! I can’t wait..Life is GREAT! But only if you surround yourself with positivity and open up to the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and abundance that exists!!!

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!! If you would like to know about tickets, post a comment below or respond to this blog via inspirationescape@gmail.com.

Until next time…we’ll talk about The Chancellor Hotel and the DETAILS of what to expect on Saturday!

Peace & Love, 

Carolyn xo