Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?


You know what I love? No, not la la la oatmeal (: (that’s Sesame Street humour for those who are too young to remember). I love the feedback I’ve been getting on my blogs! Before I talk about the prize giveaways, I must tell you what I love more.

I love that I keep attracting all these wonderful people to my life!

I keep talking about it, but sometimes it really makes me emotional to know that I have genuine people rooting for me and throwing a little confetti even when I’m not looking.

Life is sometimes a struggle ya know! You know those days when you feel like curling up with a long island ice tea (or maybe 4) and having your favourite song on repeat all day?

When you don’t care to eat or go out or talk to anybody…or change out of your pajamas for that matter…far less go to work!?

What’s that I hear? You’ve never felt this way? I’m here to tell you that you ARE allowed to have one of these days at least twice a year. When it occurs more frequently, you need a little nudge in the right direction. Like maybe a book talk? 🙂

OK seriously, you don’t have to handle everything alone and sometimes there are people who’ve been where we are and willing to help. And sometimes these people are your friends.

Sometimes I get a message or phone call out of nowhere and I realize that these friends never stopped caring. In some cases absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Even though we don’t talk every day or see each other all the time, it warms my heart to know the connection is just as strong as when we were in constant contact.

P1011335 Small Web view

Halloween at Club Katalyst many moons ago (you can tell I had straight locks!)


Like my Jazz singer Patrice Inglesbirth. I like to call her Patty. We lost touch for a bit, but back in the day we did everything together from party, to beach to shopping and more.

After not seeing me in a few years, she even hopped on a plane with her baby to sing at my book launch in Tobago! Really! Who does that!?

A little about Patrice.

She was trained under the late Dr. Nathan Carter at Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland.

She is a songwriter and sings in a few languages including Latin. Mere words don’t do justice to truly how gifted she is.

Seeing is believing. You can see videos for yourself here but live is always better 🙂

Today we went out for a long drive over the Lady Young and then for lunch at this cool little restaurant on the marina. It was like old times and we never missed a beat.

I rehearsed my speech for the big day on April 2nd (without a script) and I was encouraged by her nods and personal testimonials. It was exhilarating.

My friends say to me all the time, “you’ve been on TV so many times and spoken to different audiences, you are a pro now…you don’t need to practice!” But I sooooo do!

From the time you get swell-headed, that’s when you lose your game and that can be just tragic!

On Holy Thursday my coach’s exact words to me were, “Listening to you makes a person want to go out and do what this girl is doing, so they can also start living this awesome life!Of course she is already doing what she is supposed to be doing to be the best that she is, but it’s good to hear those words coming from her.

Of course I have those days where the negative self-talk gets in the way, because let’s face it: one person can come along to destroy your game if you’re not centered and lack the right support. But you live you learn.

You must find ways to get back your mojo. It becomes a problem when you can’t control these thoughts in your head and you let it take over your life. Everybody’s on a continuous journey to finding themselves…it never ends.

Also you learn from others by listening. Even if only 5% of what they say makes sense, keep that 5 and make change and simply discard the other 95% or use it as motivation to step up your game and prove that you are a force to be reckoned with. Time will tell.

Another dream come true: to host a very successful Tobago Book launch on the heels of one in Trinidad! #LawofAttraction

My purpose is to share what worked for me, so you too can find ways to live YOUR dream. Everybody has their own dream, but sometimes we need a little guidance and empathy to identify and fulfill it.

Oh, and it also helps to know real life people who have gone through it or are still going through it. I’m one of them and I’m sure on Saturday 2nd April, you’ll find many more in the audience like me.

Tickets are available at The Chancellor Hotel (9 am – 5 pm) and the San Juan library EMR (8:30 am – 6 pm) and priced at only TTD 150.

There will be yummy cocktails and appetizers/dinner at the restaurant & bar for sale and prizes a plenty to be won!

Photos, networking and a complimentary glass of non-alcoholic wine all to be enjoyed and the fun starts at 6 pm! See you there!!!!

Have you ever had one of those days? Remember this always:

You are gifted.

You are one of a kind.

You are created flawless in the sight of your Creator.

You are super duper amazing at that one thing that no one else can do better than you.

You are a winner!

Yes there are other talented people out there, but everything in it’s own time. You continue to do you like no one else can!

There’s only one you and YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE!

This world would just not be the same without you!

More about the prize giveaways next time!

Until then…

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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