It’s Holy Week and today most Christians celebrate Good Friday on the heels of Holy Thursday. The cool thing about living in a multi-ethnic country is that everyone shares in the celebration of all festivals regardless of their denomination.

These last few weeks were a world wind of activities, emotions and energy. But everyday I am reminded that there are angels in human form walking beside us. I love that these people always seem to find their way to me or me to them, I’m not sure which it is.

I am taking a break from promoting my event for a minute, to pay tribute to Easter and the people who have made sacrifices for me. Last year around this time was rough for me as I was having a hard time grieving the loss of my Dad, but although I still think about him every day and sometimes it’s so hard to believe that he is really not in my life anymore, I am reminded that he is all around me in everything I do every day.

Well known psychologist Sigmund Freud once said that the unconscious mind is the most important source of human behaviour andΒ similarΒ to an iceberg, it’s the part you cannotΒ see. It is also the place that stores a lot of our past experiences which are on some level responsible for our feelings, motives and decisions. Food for Thought.

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When I drive or work late at night I feel him the most. Not a spooky physical feeling or sensation, but a real spiritual connection that energizes me and brings me so much motivation. I guess even in death, we are connected. (In my mind’s eye I still remember him coming into my room at these hours to check on me and tell me to go to bed.) I did not realize our connection is so strong.

I talk to him (sometimes in my mind and sometimes aloud when in my car as if he’s watching over me in the passenger seat as he always did) and I feel so connected though he is not in physical form.

I just know he is proud of me as he always was. I dream of him almost every week for the past year and more, and lately I just drift off for literally a few seconds and I could see his face and hear his voice as if he is right there next to me. It’s so surreal and comforting. I can’t understand it, but I am not afraid ironically being the biggest coward I once was.

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Especially at these midnight hours my true feelings come to the fore.

I listen to YouTube videos and I am reminded of times gone by with different people that have come and gone from my life as well as current things happening and all I have experienced and overcome.

It a very empowering feeling being awake while everyone is supposedly asleep and having these epiphanies.

I’ve come a long, long way and yet have so much more to go. Life is a journey and I am reminded every day that my journey is now beginning. Life is a never ending journey and we never stop growing and learning until the day we draw our last breath.

I learnt something yesterday which I will probably share with you when I am at that comfortable place, but for right now I will just say this.

Everything has it’s time. Every season and person in your life had a lesson to impart. It’s up to us to identify those lessons and meanings to allow it to work for us in our present and future.

I will try to blog every day until next Saturday but in the meantime and in between time, I wish you a very Happy and Holy Easter!

Let’s remember the sacrifices of Christ and all those who have made our life better in some way, shape or form. Here’s to you and me and everybody in this wide, wide world! Muah!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo