I Never Thought This Would Happen

You ever wonder if you’re where you’re supposed to be in life? Why things are taking so long and why you seem to be stuck?

You are not alone.

Many of us have been there. In fact it took me 7 long years to get unstuck. On Saturday 2nd April at my Book Talk & Jazz, I will share how I got through it and what made me one day become unstuck and now wake up happy every day…

Getting here wasn’t an easy road and I’m still a work in progress, but I have not a single regret.

Life is too short to think about all the variables. Way too short.

As myPicture 293 Medium Web view old boss lady would say, “make the most of your bad situation, until better can be done!” (that’s me hosting a birthday club event back in the day and doing just that! Sort of an embarrassing pic I know, but what the hay! lol)

Many people didn’t understand what she meant, but all these years later I finally get it! I think there’s a chapter in my second book about that!

Since I moved back home from Tobago and started my own business 2 years ago, I think I’ve grown by leaps and bounds, so much so, that even I can’t believe.

My closest friends and former colleagues are also amazed at the metamorphosis, that sometimes they can’t believe I’m the same person!

Tonight I tossed the old script and rewrote what I will be saying on April 2nd at The Chancellor Hotel and I will be speaking totally ad lib — something I mastered (by force) at my first Book Talk at the Port of Spain library last year. That was a rush!

Something else I learnt last year when I did a presentation at The Rotary Club is how to paint a story with colourful life experiences which everyone can relate to. A skill I subconsciously absorbed from listening to SHRM practitioner Picture 1Robert Garcia at an HR seminar some years ago.

That was another rush to see people in the audience giving me a thumbs up during my presentation, hearing and seeing them laugh at my jokes and then again at my book launch last June — something I didn’t even plan!

That was also priceless.

For a minute I had doubts that I could keep the momentum of the comedy hour going, but then I was told at a mastermind session hosted by my business coach last Saturday that I should think about comedy as part of my routine 😀 We’ll see if I can keep it going! lol

Hope to see you on Saturday 2nd April…Reading can be FUN too! Insights and inspiration, sharing, Jazz, comedy, therapy …who could ask for more!

Tickets are available at The Chancellor Hotel and the San Juan library during working hours…until 5 pm at The Chancellor and 6 pm at the library during the week!

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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