Is the Road Less Traveled For You?

Hi, it’s me again,

Let me first wish all women everywhere, A HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK!

So I’m making my list and checking it twice as the weeks count down to the BIG day…My first ever evening of Book Talk & Jazz on Saturday 2nd April at The Chancellor Hotel!

It’s always exciting planning an event…my event planner peeps can testify to this. It’s also VERY stressful, but joy cometh in the morning 🙂

As I try to make this evening perfect for you…I am finalizing the artwork and sponsors. And I’m happy to unveil the flyer and tell you about one of the sponsors.CAROL FLYER BOOK TALK

I’ll introduce you to this magnetic dynamo aka my business and life coach, Adanna Austin.

Guess what?!

If you are a part of the audience on April 2nd, you would have a chance to win a free coaching session with her!

She’s the reason so many entrepreneurs have the extra umph to really get out of bed each morning and drive their business.

Lucky for me I keep meeting these cool, awesomely talented people. We met some years ago at a similar event, but lost touch.

It was in the stars when we met up again last year.

Adanna reminds me of my Dad (rest his soul) in many ways.

She is so humble, with such a good heart and genuinely concerned with helping others.

Each time I pay her a compliment, she magnifies it with 5 more aimed right back at me 😀

I’ll tell you why Adanna may be your girl…

  • If you’re thinking of starting your own business on the side and need that encouragement, or
  • If you’re dreaming of a better life, but afraid to take that leap from the 8-4 to entrepreneurial freedom and bliss, or
  • You just want to breathe some new life into your existing business,

She will give you the direction and focus you need to get it done in record time!

What I’m about to tell you, will seem unbelievable folks, but I kid you not.

After ONLY a few weeks of her coaching and intensive, creative, tailor-made homework, my business transformed astronomically!

Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions (prize sponsor)

On a subconscious level I was thinking differently and attracting more abundance in many ways to my life! (I think I am even a little happier on the personal side too.)

She’s as real and genuine as coaches come! No gimmicks, no false promises, no half-hearted sessions. It’s all or nothing.

And in case you’re wondering, she didn’t tell me to say this and I won’t be getting any special bonuses! I just tell it like it is and also like to help people thrive.

I do it in some way for many of my friends (and strangers alike), sometimes without them even knowing.

This will not be a long blog…but tonight, I give you something special.

I wish to plant a seed in your mind and an opportunity to listen to unique, indigenous artistes…where you can unlock your potential…

  • You can engage with others about what’s important to you as I share my journey,
  • Take a break from the ordinary, network with like-minds,
  • Chill in a nice ambiance and enjoy mouthwatering delights from the cash bar and bistro, and
  • For an added bonus, you can give your eardrums a treat like never before, while you listen to the sensational sounds of a truly gifted and talented local Jazz singer. (Just between you and me, I think she invented some of those octaves herself!)

The owner at The Chancellor Hotel even shared with me that they got the ball-a-rolling with karaoke in Trinidad. If you love the place and wanna return, maybe we can inveigle her to bring back the old karaoke machine on a new night!!

How cool would that be!!?? I know we are always looking for new and entertaining things to do in Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking of which…

That’s another great thing about being an entrepreneurYou work hard and play hard. You work mighty long hours to get the job done (which you don’t mind, because you enjoy your work and it’s YOURS).

Afterward you can reward yourself. You can let your hair down during the week and still wake up refreshed and energized because you love all aspects of your job and life. 

Can I tell you a secret?

Last year for the first time I started singing karaoke…In years gone by I attended, but never had the guts to sing in front of strangers, but I was told I’m pretty good (although I think I sound better in my shower)…

But to my surprise, when I sang, I got cat calls, whistles and applause…I thought these kind strangers were just being polite, but by the time I was about to take the mic to sing Bohemian Rhapsody last week, I think folks started to chant my name! lol It was crazy, fun…And…

Last night I was roped into singing a duet to Endless Love close to midnight and I think I turned a lighter shade of pale if that’s even possible!! Ha! 🙂

Life is an adventure folks. It’s like I said in my first book:

“Live every moment to the fullest so that you would have no regrets tomorrow. Measure your success by the happiness that you feel in your heart when you arise each morning; when it begins to get contagious and those around you feel it too; you know that you have achieved your purpose.”  – Thinking out Loud (2011) © All rights reserved.

 Tickets will be available at The Chancellor Hotel from this Friday 11th March and at the San Juan Library from Monday 14th March. If you need further info, you can reply to this blog in the comments below or send an email to with your name and contact info.

Next time you would hear about my next equally gifted sponsor and much, much more…

I’ll also have a booth at AFETT’s (Association of Female Executives of TT) International Women’s Day Women of Influence Awards and Mentorship Luncheon at the Hyatt, Trinidad this Friday. If you are attending or want to attend this event…Please come on over and say hi, you can also purchase tickets there and we can match the name to the face! 

 Until next time!

Peace & Love,

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