Unlock Your Potential!

Hey there again,

So after a week of planning, I am finalizing the cool extras for my event like prizes and other fun things. (If you missed my last post, please check it out here) I’ve managed to get some nifty stuff to make you shine even brighter once you decide to take that plunge and start living your best life! (You’ll hear all about that in another blog.)

Before I tell you what’s in store, I wanted to share something I’ve been dying to say…

Do you know what I’ve learnt?

Life is too short to worry about the “what if’s.”  TOO SHORT!

You know like: “what will people think… if…” and “what if I fail?” and the famous Trinbago one “how it go look?”

(well that wasn’t a what if, but you get the idea. Sounds familiar?

By the way, it will look like you had the courage to try (which many people don’t have!) and now you have that experience under your belt until you get up the nerve to try again…except this time you will be wiser and better prepared.

You know what else?

Life is TOO unpredictable to think about your hair getting wet and not taking a dip in that nice salt (or chlorine) water…

It’s TOO unpredictable to worry aboutthose extra pounds (that you can work off at the gym or Chancellor later) and not eat that delicious tiramisu or juicy steak (knife and fork optional) that looks oh so good.

Tomorrow is promised to no one! Live for TODAY!

And we can draw a parallel for the bigger things in life too. Like starting your own business, changing careers, taking up a new hobby, moving to a new city, island or country, making a life decision, writing a book, telling yourself the TRUTH, taking a RISK and saying YES to life!

Ian Schneider
photo credit – Ian Scheneider. http://www.unsplash.com

Take it from me (and many other entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge)…your life will NEVER be the same, until you start living what you were really meant to do!

Here’s a little secret:

My life changed drastically when I moved to the sister isle for a job opportunity 3 years ago and then another GIANT shift took place when I quit my job and moved back to Trinidad a year later to start my own business! Many had doubts when I did these things, but these were the BEST decisions of my life. It was then I really started to LIVE MY PASSION!

Copy of DSC00262 Medium Web viewWhen asked if I like risks and adventure, I tell people I like being HAPPY, feeling the wind in my face driving down the highway, wondering if I really did that…how did I get here so fast and laughing to myself how great life is when you believe and trust with all your heart and soul!

Like my mother always says, “time waits on no man.”

While you’re worrying about the details, someone else is capitalizing on that great opportunity and shining for the world to see.

My mother also says, “don’t look at what people have, because you don’t know how they got it.”

That’s right! It may look nice and easy or glamorous on the outside, but it may be lots of sleepless nights, sacrifices, lack of “me time”, lots of saying no to the things you love, insecurity and doubts on the inside. And some people may have cheated and gotten their “success” the easy way.

So that’s just a little sneak peek of the kinds of things I’d be talking about on Saturday 2nd April at the Chancellor Hotel. And this is just the half of it, when we get started the conversation can lead any which way, so be prepared to be entertained!

I would be talking about what success means to different people, what it means to me and I will get you to thinking about what success really means to you!

You will find the answers to the following questions:

Are you doing what you were created for?

How do you find your passion?

How do you even get started?

How do you get past the fear?

 And much, much MORE!

austin ban
photo credit – Austin Ban. http://www.unsplash.com


I just returned from a power meeting with my designer down at Chaguaramas and got a sneak peek at the artwork for my tickets which will be available soon. (Just between you and me, I think the folks at the next table looked at me a little funny when I shrieked with delight. But I was too excited to care 😀 )

There would be limited tickets available for $150.00 this week at two venues which I will disclose to you when I have dropped them off…I will tell you when!

Until I hear from you, I will make more available and also let you know when you can go on down and get your tik. Just shoot me a comment in the space below or send an email to inspirationescape@gmail.com so I’ll have an idea how many.

This is gonna be all sorts of awesome folks…you don’t want to miss it. I can hardly contain myself! Sometimes I am sooo tired.. I want to take a nap, but I can’t fall asleep because my brain is working overtime, so I have to get up and work some more! 😀 So that answers the question, ‘what keeps me awake at night!?’ You do, my dear readers and customers 😉

Next time I will share more info about the prizes, my jazz singer, dress code, directions to the venue, more about my books and all the great opportunities in store on Saturday 2nd April, 2016!

I will also let you know when to look out for my Event Page on Facebook where you can RSVP and see photos from my previous events.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the top right of your page and check out my Facebook page – CarolynCorreiaAuthor and website here for more information about me www.carolyncorreia.co

All the best for a lovely weekend!

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo


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