No is Not an Option

With Sunday almost over, I thought I’d check in to wish you a very happy and eventful week ahead. Many things are working in the background and for this I give thanks and receive with a humble heart. There are many little kinks that I need to work out within and without before I can give myself a 10, but I will say I am well on my way there.

I had big plans at the end of 2015 and many of them are coming to fruition already beginning in January. My business coach has a large role to play in this. I am elated and ecstatic and surprised and overwhelmed all at the same time. It’s a ton of excitement and emotions that I am dealing with here, so please bear with me.

While things may not always be perfect in your life, I try to be grateful for whatever I have and I believe in my heart that this opens the door for more abundance to flow.

My life is no different from anyone else’s and vice versa. In fact in some ways, it may very well be more chaotic. I am a work-in-progress.

Don’t let appearances fool you, I have many “demons” I am wrestling with mentally and emotionally, but I am super happy to be living my dream (after many years of unhappiness and unfulfilment in my professional life).

I can now say that I am well on my way to achieving balance and success in all areas of my life. The right situations are finding me, the “right” people are attracted to me and my purpose, and sometimes I find myself smiling when I think about how all the stars are aligning in my favour. It’s surreal.

By the right people, I mean the genuine and positive people who are willing to champion your cause and love you unconditionally regardless of what happens in your life and what is said or done in the heat of the moment. These are my true blues!

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These right people, just by being awesomely awesome, they channel more right people to your life without fail and it sets off a whole chain reaction of positive awesomeness! Every month, I meet 2 more of these kinds of people and again I am knocked off of my feet with awe and gratitude.

I’m only human so sometimes the negative stuff gets to me, but when I don’t focus on this, I realize that it makes way for more positive things.

I think about my legacy a lot and when I communicate with my former colleagues now friends (especially in Tobago), I feel really blessed that I have formed such solid friendships. 

Those memories and the feeling I get when we connect makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂 My trini peeps are also comforting and my close network really keeps me grounded and sane to continue doing all that I do.

When I think of all my plans for 2016, I am filled with so much inspiration and excitement knowing how drastically things have transformed in my life. All the negatives, I turned into a positive and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

The power of intent, faith and positive thinking can get you all the places you need to go.

Surround yourself with positive people, practice stillness and focus on the things that are really important to you. Make a mental note and focus on it with all your might.

The greats say to write it down and this helps, but the mind is soo powerful like you wouldn’t believe. 

Write it down, deliberate on it, meditate on it, visualize it…make it your mantra.

Forget the naysayers and the negative self-talk.

Take it from me! Don’t get brainwashed. You are bigger than that.

You are more powerful than you know!

Don’t ever accept no, tell yourself you can and find a way to make it happen…even if it takes months or years.

I believe in YOU. You ought to too. You are destined for greatness!

Happy Monday!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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