It Has Never Led Me Wrong

I went from very organized to chaos in just a few hours. All of a sudden, I have a tinsy bit of free time and I don’t know where to begin doing what I have to do. This ever happen to you? No? Well stick around and maybe you’d help me figure things out.

At the beginning of the year, or rather the end of 2015 I started to think about all the things I wanted to do and all the people I wanted to spend more time with. My list started out on paper and started to grow in my head.

People started to reach out to me and I started to reach out to them. 

I started to get busier with leads for stories. Plans for my business started to manifest itself strategically into reachable goals. And my weekly schedule started to fill up with interviews, meetings and events in my field. 

I caught up with a couple friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Yet I feel like I wasn’t hitting everybody I needed to.

I did not make it to exercise today, because of impromptu engagements that ran one into the other and well, because I failed to plan.

I sat and I wondered.

Ashley Batz
photo credit – Ashley Batz.

Am I a bad friend for not finding time for everybody? Am I a poor time keeper?

My homework from my business coach is getting fast and furious and I love that it’s getting me where I need to go. But I feel a little anxious.

I am trying to think in the future when I should be living in the moment. I feel a bit overwhelmed because I haven’t completed the last assignment as detailed and truthfully as possible!

While I try to sort out the softer side of my life, I also feel a bit torn. One of my friends messaged me on WhatsApp tonight and what she said startled me into reality. “Carolyn, you’re too smart for that! It’s a new year, get it together!” LOL right? Me? Get it together!

While I know it’s not to be taken too literally, I think I am one of the most “together” people I know, (if I’m allowed to be self-absorbed for a tinsy bit :-() Because sometimes I don’t know where all this drive and energy comes from…but still, I know what she’s talking about.

We make choices in life and sometimes they don’t always come from a place of “smarts”. They are led by the heart and the gut. From living in the moment. From good vibes. From what feels right in your core. From a place of peace and happiness and contentment.

Our head knows what’s right and logical, but our heart screams, “This feels right, let me just stay here in lala land for a minute longer!” Well my friends all think my heart has hijacked my brain, while I think everything will work itself out in the right time.

Melissa Askew
photo credit – Melissa Askew.

I told my friend I’ll pray some more about it. Then I proceeded to tell her what happens whenever I pray about the particular situation.

I haven’t spoken to her in depth since Christmas and what she said to me next made me laugh our loud. She said that the devil manifests in different ways to draw you in and suck your energy and smarts!! Ohemgee.

She is by no means overtly religious, so I had to take a step back and assess. Sigh

Moral: If more than one person tells you something “for your own good”, do you listen because it seems logical to an onlooker? Yes and No.

You are the only one who can make the right decision for you. You are the only one in the situation and the only one in your head. Things are seldom what they seem.

Let your Spirit guide you and you will never make a bad decision in life. But you must listen and obey and not get caught up in ego or outside forces. It’s difficult, but possible.

You will always be protected from bad decisions and guided towards the right ones, but you must be receptive to the messages. It has never led me wrong.

It’s good to listen to others who care, but no one can make you happy, but you.

Even if you make a perceived “bad decision” … everything is exactly as it’s meant to be and there’s always a reason and purpose for everything that happens in your life. But IT IS important to GET IT TOGETHER AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY!

Thanks my dear friend. Point taken. Love you for caring that much. I’ll try to make the right decisions.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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