Do It For the Love

Hola amigos,

Happy Sunday! You’re probably wondering why I’m still up at 4 in the morning! Sleep escapes me even though I’m kinda tired especially after having 4 (yes 4) glasses of wine!Β I write from a place of deep and burning passion to create and create some more until I feel it. To me the week did not end, because there’s so much more to do before I can rest!

Yesterday I began my day with a book talk by fellow author Jhaye-Q Baptiste who launched her book Deep Love by Soul. I met her once before and we became email buddies, but most people (in Trinidad) would always remember her for her column in the T&T Guardian called the Bitch’s Brew and also a morning show on local television.

Like me, she is now following her passion full time in a field that she loves (writing and the media). Life doesn’t get better than that.

Love Beyond Words
photo credit – C. K. Correia copyright 2016. Design by A. White

I also did an interview in the afternoon with a super talented designer (which I will disclose all in time!). The rest as they say is history…A friend joined me for drinks at home later on and in a way he inspired me to let go of negative energy (in the form of people and situations) and live more in the moment!

Sometimes we ourselves, may not be able to identify these things in our lives. We want to hold on because we think these things make us happy or safe or comfortable.

However, if we listen carefully to the signs, we may realize that sometimes we need to let go in order to breathe and let happiness find us, because it always finds it’s way back to us…but only if we let it. It begins with one step…we’ll see how far I get!

The past few weeks were wonderful to say the least…I continue to meet cool people and follow my passion. This week I completed my ghostwriting project….Hurray! I interviewed some Japanese folks and I gave a two hour motivational talk to some teens!

I caught up with some friends, also met up with my cousin and got to be my silly self over some specially imported bubbly…we all laughed till it hurt…it was hella fun (:

You would hear about some of my adventures in a bit more detail at a later time, but as I told the kids, the law of attraction is amazing. When you are doing things for the right reasons and try to live your life a certain way, you would always attract the right people and situations at all the right times.

We all have our flaws and weaknesses (including me), so just live right and be you!

Life is too good to let it slip through your fingers. Find your purpose, life your passion and live on your own terms! Of course I did not say it in those words…but they got the message. They were so attentive and engaging and we had barrels of fun as we played games and sang.Β 

This right here is where I belong. This thing called life is full of plot twists and magical moments! Remember whatever you’re going through, there’s always joy waiting on the other side if you truly BELIEVE!

More good news awaits…stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday!

Peace & Love,



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