It’s a rainy Thursday night in these parts. Rain can conjure up so many emotions and feelings. So can music. It can make some feel great and others down. What is a blessing to some can be a curse to others. And that’s life.Β 

When this day began I felt a burst of excitement. I couldn’t wait to start creating more stories that tell a thousand words. However after a moment of prayer, I have this bad habit of checking my phones as I take them off silent mode.

Sometimes it defeats the purpose of the silence in the first place.

What a bad idea that was this morning!

I saw a message from a certain someone that I was going to ignore. But you know that feeling when you are sitting quietly in nature with a cup of tea, listening to the birds sing while you try to meditate, but distracting thoughts pervade your mind?

No? Okay well this is what actually happened to me.

phone Cristian Baron
photo credit – Cristian Baron.

I was trying to repeat the mantra and suddenly I had this sudden urge to get up and do and say things. I wasn’t quite sure if this was inspiration and my inner voice talking to me or just complete madness.

But it turned out I listened to my inner voice to respond to that Whatsapp message and it turned into the continuation of a fight from last night!!

Of course as the day is ending, I had to find the lesson in order to find my catharsis and purge myself from these emotions of the day.

While lots of good things happened today (like I completed another story, as well as a few more chapters in a book for a client, I got some photos I was waiting on, tweaked my budget …oh and I got some really good news!! will share that later), hours later this dark heavy cloud is still hanging over my head.

Here’s my lessons to self:

Lesson 1

Don’t use WhatsApp/technology as a replacement for a face-to-face conversation

Lesson 2

Sometimes an argument is an opportunity to air concerns or say things that you did not have the courage to confront under normal circumstances. Embrace this opportunity with kindness and empathy.

Lesson 3

Don’t argue with an insane person who seemed to have regressed to childhood and lost all sense of rationale. Pick your battles. Some are just energy zappers.

Lesson 4

Don’t run away from your emotions. Get it out. Even if you’re laughed at. At least the other person knows the place you’re coming from and at least you would know where they are going.

Let those feelings pervade your being. Soak it all in and let it run it’s course without dwelling. Get busy with living your life, but take a time-out to reflect every now and then.

Lesson 5

When people say and do things, try to get behind it. Listen to each and every word. People act out for various reasons. Give them their space to say what they have to say and assess your response. Then just wait. Let a few days, or weeks or months pass if necessary. If it’s worth saving, it won’t take that long.

Lesson 6

Learn when to walk away. Sometimes your health and sanity means more than gratification. ENERGY IS IMPORTANT!! It’s worth conserving. You need it to function on allΒ cylinders.

I just have a feeling there will be a part 2 of this story in weeks to come, but that’s all she wrote for now.

Talk to you later.

Have a Happy Friday!!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo