Life is Not about Luck and Chance

Hope you had a great Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Wednesday …already!!

I had a great day interviewing a legendary Trinidad and Tobago icon. Will reveal deets later. (Don’t want to give away too much too soon.)

Thought for today: Your thoughts are powerful. Super duper amazingly potently powerful.

anna anikina luck and chance
photo credit – Anna Anikina

Guard them with your whole mind.

If you learn how to harness your mind correctly, there’d be no stopping you in life.


Doors that you thought shut will be miraculously opened.

What you thought was hopeless, will transform into hopeFUL.

The answers you were seeking will be revealed to you in time.

And your deepest and dearest dreams will come to pass. You would think you are dreaming. But you’re not. It’s possible.

Your thoughts manifest into reality.

Do an experiment and prove the theory. Think about something or someone very deeply. Close your eyes and focus your every fibre…your entire being on your desired outcome. It could be something VERY simple.

Think about what you want to happen. Then put it on the clock and watch how long it takes to materialize.

This has happened to me about a half dozen times within the last 2 weeks. I’m no magician. I just have faith and believe.

If you don’t BELIEVE, you will never get anything you want.

You will just be going through life on a whim….through the motions… believing in luck and chance.

Tomorrow is another day. Start making a difference in your life and in the life of others.

You will thank yourself for it later.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Catch you later…

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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