How To Attract Abundance to Your Life

Helllooo Monday! Well the day is almost done, but I hope you enjoyed it and made it count.

2016 is also a year to get my body, mind and soul in total alignment with each other. Step 1 is regular exercise. (Will share other steps in time).

I think around 2007-2010 I was at my all time best size and fitness level (maybe I’ll share a pic or two once I dig it up from the archives ;).

But after working out for about 10 years straight (aqua aerobics and gym), I kinda fell off in 2013 with sporadic spurts of exercise and lots of bad eating habits.


I just returned from doing 3 laps of walking around a park and I feel like I’m on fire! I probably shouldn’t have had those vienna sausages with the blue cheese dressing, but hey I feel energized and ready to go!

I plan to do 4-5 laps tomorrow. Will update you on my progress…But for now here’s a little gift…

beach zach minor
photo credit – Zach Minor.

Monday lesson: I’ve learnt that when you quiet those noise makers in your head (chitter-chatter from other people/your own self-doubts/negativity), you open yourself up to a whole wide world of opportunity. 

As I said in my last blog, yesterday didn’t go quite as planned. A few several few (that’s the trini in me) important business calls unanswered and I could have thought the worst.

But I didn’t.

On Sunday, a family member got wind of this and resurrected an article from the Catholic News (of all things) that could possibly explain the root of why I supposedly got blanked (but in the best way!). 

Of course, I didn’t read the article. I was a bit curious yes, but didn’t want to give them the satisfaction so instead I locked my bedroom door and took a nap on my sofa 😀

It was like bathing in a spring with my eyes closed. What was supposed to be 5 minutes, turned into a couple hours. It was just what I needed. I woke up refreshed and happy.

I never once doubted that there was a reasonable explanation for why my calls weren’t answered. (Experience has taught me that.) Instead I silently released my intention with faith knowing that all will be well the next day.

This morning, again at first I did not get through and it’s so weird, negative thoughts did not enter my mind.

And you know what? Lunch time I got an answer!

I set up my appointment and I was ecstatic! This may be my biggest interview yet and I think my Dad would be soo proud and happy if he could see. I could almost see his face light up! I can’t wait…

Shortly after this, I got another call with a lead for another story. And another text this evening with good news….Wow!

Deniz Altindas
photo credit – Deniz Altindas

Hey I don’t know what I am doing, but I must be doing SOMEthing right! When I figure it out, I’d surely let you know. But here’s a hint.

  • Do what you do for the RIGHT reasons. Not JUST to make money. Or for fame. Do it to make people’s lives better. To express your talent and let your true light shine.
  • Stay open to the endless possibilities life has to offer. Try not to say “NO” to opportunity, unless its absolutely impossibly out of reasonable reach.

This may just turn out to be an enormous blessing. Saying no means someone else will just capitalize on it.

  • If someone reaches out to you, meet them half-way. Then build a bridge that could possibly lead to a meaningful (business and/or personal) relationship.
  • Reflect often. Meditate if you can. Step outside of yourself and try to see yourself how others see you. Evaluate your actions, thoughts and words.

Seek forgiveness (from your Creator) as often as necessary. Even if no one else knows you’re sorry, or you fall into the same slumps. Practice makes perfect and acknowledgement is the first step. In time you will have the courage to be more open.

No sense being “wrong and strong”. That’s not a very attractive quality. If you don’t learn the art of this, you will never – ever own up to any wrongdoing. Listen to your closest friends. They know you best. Sometimes better than your blood family.

  • And lastly, always give other people the benefit of the doubt. Things are seldom what they seem. Be patient and still, without jumping to conclusions, you may just be surprised what you discover in time.

That’s it for now! Can you relate? As usual, feel free to share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. See you next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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