You Can Stop a Fire with Wisdom

Whew it’s Friday! The weekend is almost here. Week 1 of the New Year already done. Can you believe it?  I am trying to commit to this daily blog routine again like most good bloggers….because I too want to be not only good but great.

I am also inspired by all the greats I am following to transform whatever crappy challenges I may have into a positive. It is my deepest hope that it would help someone out there. It doesn’t take up too much of my time, so here goes!

You know the feeling when you’re having an argument with someone and you are trying to walk backwards through your mind to see how it all started in the first place? It’s like one seemingly meaningless word catapulted itself into an inferno of venom and anarchy!

All of a sudden it’s a pandemonium of doors slamming, back and forth tongue lashing and you have the sudden urge to either scream or cry and you can’t control the next word that’s coming out of your mouth! Oh em gee.

While you’re in quandary over whether the other person has (just) flipped their lid and lost all sense of moral decency and rationale, you find it within yourself to be the bigger person and make up.

Then a few days later it’s like you found yourself trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone with the music and flashing lights. Ahhhh

No? This never happened to you? Lucky you. Well I wish I could say the same, but I am thinking this is supposed to build character and self-control until better can be done.

Well, it’s taking a little longer than expected (like a few several years longer), but as I count to a thousand million, I try to focus really hard on what I want my future to look like.

Last time I prayed like this I moved to another island, so I trust that I will get what’s mine in time.

unsplash - gabriele forcina
photo credit – Gabriele Forcina

Moral: Life is sometimes a struggle, but our reward is sweeter knowing that we survived the ‘bad’ times. It makes us work harder and more intently for what we want as we try to see the silver lining (and the light at the end of the tunnel).

Maybe this is happening because we need to change something deep within that causes the triggers. Maybe you are the catalyst for the other person to do the same. Maybe this has happened in order for you to tap into yourself and find the strength within to master self control and composure.

Maybe this is preparing you for another challenging situation in the future so you will be better able to handle it when it comes.

Maybe you have a purpose. A story to tell.  A hurt to heal. A cure for your hurt or someone else’s.

Maybe you would find the answer one day. For now, it’s up to us to find creative and constructive ways to alleviate the painful or uncomfortable situation without starting World War 3.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are you expected to change overnight.

Use your energy and talent for something creative.

I got the nicest text from a client this morning. And a few compliments daily from readers, acquaintances, business associates and friends. It does wonders for your spirit.

Despite my internal crap, it’s like Julie Andrews said in the Sound of Music, “I must have done something good!” NOBODY’s PERFECT!

Remember we all have greatness within. Tap into yours today.

Has this blog helped? Feel free to drop me a comment below!

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Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo


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