How My Blue Screen Turned into a Blessing In Disguise

Today is cause for celebration. After a few of the longest weeks of mental torture, I have my computer back. My desktop crashed on the eve of Christmas Eve. The dreaded BLUE SCREEN kiss of death, after getting a crash dump error for months. I did not realize how much my computer makes me truly happy until I was without it.

Shortly after that my laptop broke. I think I worked it too hard!!! For 8 hours straight, again a few days before New Year’s (8 pm -4 am). The next morning I turned it on to Skype with an overseas client and for goodness sake, the keys just refuse to type!! Just my luck.

I googled the error and tried to troubleshoot on my netbook (yes I have a 3rd backup!) and it told me to shake it upside down (of all things) among other things. I think it was just too old! I’ve had it since 2008 and it served me very well.

So after having to rely on my netbook which was hella slow, I slumped into a depression since I was so afraid I won’t be able to meet my deadlines and well my computer is MY LIFE! But thank God there are still good people in the world.

Once of my friends came to my rescue and restored it in 3 days!! He popped in a new hard drive and redid the OS and installed some really cool apps and programmes so I can edit my videos and pictures as well as stay on top of all my business and personal activities.

The coolest thing is Windows 10!!! Ohmygosh. Wow! I did not know what I was missing. I’ve been glued to my computer since I came home at noon today. Barely wanting to get up to eat or use the bathroom….and now I’m soooo tired but I don’t want to sleep! I have sooo much work to do.

So tonight I am celebrating (with a glass of water πŸ™‚ no more wine for me).Β I am celebrating good people. I am celebrating technology. I am celebrating friendship without ulterior motives.

new pc

My first lesson for 2016 is to always follow your instincts. Quiet the external noise and do what feels right in your gut. Β Take things and people at face value and remain open to all life’s possibilities.

If it wasn’t for my computer crashing, I would have never known the true value of this particular friendship as well as other existing ones I thought I had.

Sometimes what looks wrong to others, could be an indication of something deeper based on their own experiences and prejudices, because no one ever really knows the real story better than you. They only know what you tell them. They don’t know the intricate and delicate inter-workings of the mind and life’s complexities.

Of course you don’t know exactly what I am talking about, but one day I will reveal it all! For now, I just leave you with some food for thought.

I read something recently that if you let go of ego and just let life unfold, there would be no disappointment. You would be free to just enjoy life as it comes…one day at a time. Sometimes easier said than done, but I’ve learnt anything is possible once you condition your mind to change. Practice makes perfect and also surrounding yourself with like-minded healthy people.

Tomorrow is a new beginning. This week has been a great start to 2016.

And this was not all. You know me, never a dull moment. In the next few days, I will update you on a my first session with my new business/life coach as well as a male customer’s perspective on my new book and my chance meeting with a famous calypsonian at the pharmacy!!!

The Law of Attraction is certainly at work. Once I think it in my mind, it happens. I always attract exactly the right situations and people at exactly the right times.

I release my intentions to Father God — the Alpha and the Omega and relinquish my attachments to the outcome. Into His hands I command my spirit to go wherever and whenever He leads.

Remember your thoughts are mighty powerful. Guard them as if your life depended on it, because it simply does.

You have greatness within.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,



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