Farewell #2015: You have been super good to me. I owe you a lot. I‪#‎conquered a lot of my ‪#‎fears. I realised a few more of my ‪#‎dreams. I self-published my second book. I let go of some of my ‪#‎pasthurts. I met some super duper amazing wonderful truly ‪#‎beautifulsouls. I ‪#‎discerned. I let go of some other ‪#‎fake and ‪#‎toxic ones.

I learnt my country a bit more. I used my talent to make people’s life and work come to life! I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. I fussed some.

I drank a lot of wine. I saw a Blue Moon in the countryside. I sang karaoke duet for the first time to Endless Love and rock no less! I lived. I loved. I have no regrets.

 I thought about my dearly departed Dad a lot. I took my mother and sister on a lot of family outings. I’ve visited Tobago 4 times for the year! Yeah!  I worked my a&# off like crazy. I spoke at Rotary. I made people laugh at all my speaking engagements and book talks.

 I was featured in 6 newspapers and magazines. I was featured on the Tobago House of Assembly’s website for good while!

I conquered my fears of radio and TV and guess what there was NO DEAD AIR! I appeared on 5 TV programmes and 1 radio show some lasting an hour and I never ran out of things to say!

I was broke for a bit. Then I recovered nicely. Then I was broke again!

All this to say 2015 was a gosh darn good year! I made it count! I learnt valuable lessons. I strengthened my faith in God and man and I survived!

Bye bye Christmas. Bye bye 2015. Welcome 2016…the best is yet to come….

I am ready!!!

Peace and Love,


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