TV Appearance on the AP Today show

Hey there again,

So the long awaited video is finally here! I got the footage last week, but my techy friends were all busy this time of year, so I was guided to follow YouTube for some tips and tricks to editing video. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally cracked the code! (figuratively speaking).

Good news: I was able to edit out the advertisements like a pro!

Bad news: it took me all of 3 whole days (off and on) to figure it out. Frustrated, I gave up the first night then finally took a stab at it again Sunday night.

I went to sleep at 4 am trial and error figuring it out! Then next morning I figured out the second part which was to compress a file in order to upload it to YouTube and Facebook. Woosah! That took a while. I was so exhausted the next day it took me a while to recover. But here I am again with you doing what I love 🙂

So without much further ado, here it is…this is my hour long show on the AP Today show back in August (which is now sadly cancelled). I’ve been on a lot of shows this year and last and most hosts were an absolute joy to be interviewed by and AP Touissant is no exception. She is such a darling and a terrific host. She seemed genuinely interested in my story awwww!

After edits, it is now just over half an hour minus the adverts. Tell me if you even notice where it was cut. I am super excited…now I have another skill under my belt…I’m soo proud of myself. Hurray! (I hope I remember what to do next time ha)

I am always so conscious of how I look and sound on camera, but everyone insists that I look beautiful and did a great job. Oh well. Sometimes I agree but a lot of times we find ourselves being our worst critic. But I feel so loved when I turn back on my phone as I leave the studio to receive tons of WhatsApp messages, texts and phone calls all saying the same thing! Nevertheless, as I watched the contents of this video with glee I could hardly believe it was me.

I have really come a long way…conquered my fears and surprise, surprise there’s NO DEAD AIR as I was terrified of in previous years. But before I give any more away, see for yourself and feel free to post your comments and share!

Talk to you soon…


Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

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