TV Appearance on TV6’s Morning Edition

I will be posting some videos of my TV appearances this past year to my blog. I’m super excited about this one since it was on the top local TV station which has a huge viewership and the next one I’m about to post in a few days (because it was an hour long programme!).

Heck I’m excited that I’m doing TV at all, because a few years ago I was not at that place.

Anyho, this is my Christmas Book Promo to end the year!

Remember those books are available on Amazon paperback and kindle ( and the following local outlets! Give a gift of reading!

  • All locations of RIK nationwide
  • Metropolitan Book Suppliers – Capital Plaza, Chacon Street, Port-of-Spain
  • The Book Sauce – i95 Radio bldg, Tragarete Road, POS
  • Charran’s – Bournes Road, St. James
  • Books and Office Supplies – TLH Mall, Tobago


Happy Reading & Viewing!

Peace & Love

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