The holidays are finally here! Hooray! It’s Christmas. While many of us are decking the halls, for many others (myself included) this is not a very happy time of year.

While Santa’s is checking his list twice, some may not even have a list or may have lost loved ones or just ‘loves’ or something important to them, so this time brings back memories of a happier time that is no more.

Scarborough Botanical Gardens Β (c) Carolyn Correia All rights reserved 2013

Yet, we must search ourselves for things to be thankful for such as life, family, work or just the ability to read the words on this page and other ‘privileges’ we sometimes take for granted.

A lot of the times, we keep our dreams to ourselves in the fear that others will laugh at us or think we are dumb to dream and dream BIG. I’m beginning to think this is true since other people don’t always have the same philosophies or drive as us. It’s amazing how myopic some Β different we each think! Each year this reality is hitting me like a ton of bricks!

While we may not always agree with one another, most times everyone’s point of view has some validity if only we can step out of our own thinking for a minute to hear the other person out and put ourselves in their shoes.

Growing up, much of the people to whom I related thought like me or so I thought at least. But as I got older and started to work and interact with different people while my own world view also changed, I realize that everyone has ideologies and thought patterns so different from each other….even in my own family. And no matter what I did or said, nothing was going to change that. It was like fighting a losing battle.

Though I relied on religion for my foundation due to my mother and my formal schooling, I no longer subscribe to any one school of thought. I may not ever change my religion for it has given me my foundation, but I can’t bring myself to religiously attend to the formalities of religion. Does that make sense?

I am however deeply spiritual and in fact pray several times a day, but I am often turned off disenchanted by the actions of the devout that I encounter while within the confines of this holy place or even in daily life 😦

For this reason, I commune by myself and sometimes with my family and other believers of Christ. I don’t think God blesses me any less. In fact, the reverse is true…I have received ABUNDANT BLESSINGS day after day and year after year like NEVER before!

My cup truly overflows. And not with the material things that one would think that brings happiness, but with the things that are important to me like LOVE, JOY, FULFILMENT, DREAMS REALIZED and the ability and means to follow my PASSION and of course ENOUGH of everything I need to survive comfortably.

I am also blessed to cross paths and form bonds with some of the genuinely nicest most cool people I have every encountered.

There are things I want to do and places I want to go next year, but I will quietly whisper these wishes and dreams to my Creator and watch it materialize in His timing.Β Santa has nothing on Him!

Been super busy with tying up loose ends of 2015, so I’m really sorry you haven’t been hearing from me much. If I’m not back to wish you Merry Christmas….(but I’m sure I will)….Please do have a happy, safe, joy-filled, peace-filled awesome Christmas hopefully filled with the people you love.

Whether you celebrate or not, I’m sure you can appreciate it from a cultural or traditional perspective and find the meaning in your own way…the true meaning of Christmas which is selfless giving and sharing with those less fortunate and just being a blessing in someone’s life. You never know how important you are to someone else, so continue to be good and be YOU!

Happy Holidays!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo